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Review for HugosWay.com

Utah, USA,
Jun 11, 2019,
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I haven’t experienced any of the issues others are having in this forum. Easy deposits via credit card, easy withdrawal via bitcoin. Received funds in my bitcoin wallet same day. No slippage seen so far. Will update if anything changes but they’ve been great so far!

Review for LMFX.com

Sep 13, 2018,
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UPDATE, Withdrawal Recieved

Update from previous review:

I have received my funds today. LMFX customer support is by far one of the best I’ve worked with. They explained they were having issues with their bank and it was resolved. Both of my wire withdrawals are in my account ($100) & ($71.898). It took about a month for the whole process. I will wait until they improve their banking solutions before continuing with LMFX.

Aug 27, 2018 - 2 Stars I have begun trading with LMFX about a month ago. I made significant gains and began withdrawaing funds via wire transfer. My first wire ($100) is on it’s 14th working day and the 2nd wire ($71,889) is on it’s 11th working day. I have communicated with the BackOffice and I’m always reassured I will receive my funds however the wait is truly an incredibly long time. 2-15 working days for withdrawals is a huge time frame and I was just told by the BackOffice that it is likely to take longer than 15 working days. So far I am disappointed with the time. I will update my review upon receipt of my funds in my account.

Reply by Maria LMFX submitted Aug 29, 2018 Dear Porter,

We are very familiar with your case. Our backoffice department – the department, responsible for payments, has been in touch with you already as well. Any complaints regarding missing or undelivered funds are taken very seriously and we work hard to rectify them if confirmed.

This said, we would like to invite you to continue our bilateral communication so that we can ensure you can receive your funds in a timely matter.

Please note that while the delay you purport to have for the amount of 100$ has gone over the 15 business days we advertise on our site, the withdrawal for 71898.33$ is still within the time frame, listed on our site.

However, both withdrawals will be addressed accordingly nonetheless. The company is implementing new banking solutions which will ensure that none of these delays are repeated and the overall cost and satisfaction of the service is greatly improved.