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Review for FBS.com

May 24, 2019,
Registered user

Yeah, and provide all the things they ask. And don't forget not to use a VPN to connect to your MT4, as if you dare make a claim because of bad execution, as I got on AUD and on NZD the day after (huge gaps in the markets due to RBA and RBNZ central banks changing suddenly the rates on AUD and NZD), they may close your account as stipulated in their somehow abusive Terms and Conditions.

For my trade on NZD, I understand that it was because of the RBNZ. But my trade on AUD was executed far beyond the high price of the candle. Anyway, I just tell that here, I don't want to make a scandal about that, just for people to know whant happened to me. The AUD trade involved a 5% risk, because of the huge gap provoked by the news, and above all, because of the too much widening spread on the pair, I got in fact more than 10% risk, which is two times the initial risk. Okay, it is the gap and the surprising news, but anyway, I consider that their spread widened too much (over 100 pips). So guys, be always careful about your risk, we are never safe from Central Banks price manipulation in the Forex market. Those rate adjustements that made loose money were on the 7th and the 8th of May 2019.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted May 28, 2019:
Dear Sir! Could you, please, kindly provide your account number, date and time of the dispute situation and the ticker (number) of the dispute order? This way we will be able to investigate the case and clarify the situation from our side as well.
Till that time we would like to remind you that news pieces may cause very high volatility in the market which results in significant spread widening, abrupt price movements, and huge price gaps.
According to the Customer Agreement:
3.3.7. Spread on trading accounts can be widened before, in time and after economic, political and other news release, during the Gap, at the time of Market opening (on Monday) as well as at the time of low market liquidity and when a market situation is conditional on high spreads.
Though, as we previously explained, unfortunately, we cannot check your words about 100 pips, since we need additional information about your account.
Also, kindly let us remind you that news trading is one of the most risky strategies on Forex as it bears high risks of losses.
Hope for your kind cooperation.

Review for FiboGroup.com

Feb 18, 2019,
Registered user

Honnest and efficient.

This broker is HONNEST and comprehensive.

I had a major problem : funded my account with Neteller, but this service doesn't work for me since a few months, so I cannot withdraw funds to my bank account from Neteller anymore.
So, FIBOGROUP.COM (British Virgin Islands regulated) accepted to allow me to withdram my funds via Skrill instead.

Great job, guys. Really nice.

Oct 22, 2018 - 4 Stars Okay, I add a star more, because the day after I wrote my review, the money was effectively credited to my account.

ONE MORE THING TO TRY OUT : withdrawals.

Aug 27, 2018 - 3 Stars For now, I opened an account with them, deposited money on it using Neteller, worked fine the first time, but now, the second time, they say me they have a problem accessing Neteller to check my deposit, so I must wait til tomorrow.

Hope it will be fine.

Didn't try to withdraw yet.

Sometimes the plateform is slow, but this doesn't really affect me often.
Orders well executed.