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Review for GlobalPrime.com

Multan, Pakistan,
May 5, 2022,
Registered user

First 10 withdrawals

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

My 2nd review ,after one month of use of globalprime. I did almost 10+ withdrawals , biggest one being 2600$ almost , although it was not profit but was deposited by me to protect my Open position, but 9 other withdrawals were profit. I didn't encounter any problem in any way with these lovely people.. I do hope they continue to serve in this way.

Apr 7, 2022 - 5 Stars I received first withdrawal today. Support is the best. No other broker offers such friendly support. I have some problem with swaps as they don't offer Islamic account due to being pure ECN. I do hope I will go for years and years with GP.
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Review for OctaFX.com (.eu)

Multan, Pakistan,
Apr 23, 2022,
Registered user

Affiliate program is scam

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

My account was being managed by an account manager shani on a different broker , he managed account for 3 to 4 months and we earned good profits and splitted 50, 50. Then he offered to make account under his i.b on Octafx and he will manage account for free and all profits will be mine. I made account on octa , and he blew my 3000$ account in few days . Later I asked for my money and he gave 300$ back out of 3000$ and confessed "octafx pays us ,15$ per lot traded And octa offered us 50,50 share to blow account of people. " That person shani blew 100s of accounts of his affiliates on Octafx proposal to split money of blown accounts . I can provide personal mobile number of shanifx to FPA to prove this and arrange meeting of FPA with that account manager because I know him personally and he will agree that Octafx scams people through this affiliate program and offers i.bs to blow people accounts and get their 50% share of blown accounts.
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Review moderation team note
If you have evidence of any broker asking IBs to blow accounts, please start a thread in the Scam Alerts folder and present all evidence.
Reply by OctaFX Rep submitted May 25, 2022:
Dear Xamanhabib,

We're very sorry to read about your expereince with one of our IBs.

Unfortunately, we couldn't identify you on our system or the person you're referring to and verify your complaint. That said, we wish to encourage you to get in touch with our Affiliate team at ib@octafx.com and share more information about what happened. They're always here to help and will be happy to investigate the matter closely.

By taking this opportunity, we want to remind you that we don't offer account management, and we don't recommend sharing your account access with anyone. If you're not interested in trading on your own, we suggest you consider our Copytrading application as an alternative; you can start copying other traders, don't get involved in trading directly and keep your account access private.

Also, it's worth mentioning that our Affiliate program doesn't work the way you described it in your review. Our IBs are our clients that refer others by providing services that help in trading, such as educational materials or signals and earn commission based on their clients' trading volume. The commission is paid by us ourselves, and clients' funds are safe.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon, so please reach out anytime.

Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.