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buckeye, USA,
Dec 19, 2018,
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Hugosway s a scam Broker... not only are they the only broker I have seen that has random gaps in their charts throughout the day, your limits and stops will not activate even if the candle goes well into the zone. they have terrible customer support, my phone was stolen and somebody was actively placing random trades while I was trying to stop it on the support chat. and I ended up losing around 700 dollars, and hugosway basically told me too bad sucks to be you. I mean there was a lot of evidence that It was not me placing the trades, and they wont help at all. if you deposit through zelle you cannot withdraw through BTC unless you wire transfer out the same amount you zelled in first.. DO NOT USE HUGOSWAY SAVE YOURSELF THE MONEY and use a real broker
Reply by hugosway submitted Feb 13, 2019:
Hi Kenneth_Knight,

I have tried to find your name in the system but cannot, What you have stated is untrue at Hugo's way our policy is if there is every a technical error we will always refund the client to break even or honor their take profit which ever is more beneficial to the client.

Sometimes technical errors happen, sometimes its our server problem and sometimes its an external liquidity provider such as Bitfinex, its unfortunate and unavoidable but what sets us apart is how we resolve these issues for our clients after the fact.

With regards to someone stealing your phone and placing trades, Yes you are right there is nothing we can do about this, its is ultimately the traders responsibility to ensure his logins and passwords are not compromised, We are a True ECN and as such all trades go to the market we cannot recall them or cancel them if your phone is stolen. Its very unfortunate that this happened.

With regards to withdrawing to BTC you are free to do so once you close the loop on your deposits, all deposits must be returned the same way as it comes in this is not a silly rule Hugo’s Way have this is the industry standard and falls in line with anti-Money laundering international laws which we must adhere to.

I would be happy to personally review any issues you had if you can email me