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bangkok, Thailand,
Feb 14, 2019,
Registered user fraud

I want to share my experience in online trading with some fake company. Please read below and share in your forum and suggest to ban such companies. You may contact me for more details.

We found one ad on google for company. We thought that the company is genuine, so we show interest to invest in it. Later they start calling several times, initially, we invested $250, then they start calling to increase investment giving a reason of unable to do big trades and gave us a promise of a big profit. Later invested more $6400. They start trading on "" platform, this platform is fake, not actual trading. After showing some profit in my account since last 3 months, we request them to withdraw some amount and then they do some trick and make my balance zero.

Now, they said that someone hack my account and did wrong trading, so they can not retrieve money. Later, they said that it is due to open account with wrong setting, so they try to escape from this situatioin. I complain to profit-trade and Manager, who looking after my trades (Mr. Dan Bauer), but no one reply to me by email. They called me from no:+43-720775802 / 8030. Now, they said that your account has zero balance, can't do any trade. So, I think, my money is gone and they run away. Below are the contact details.

Mr. Dan Bauer Email :, email :

I request you to please stop or banned such online companies. It may help many people by avoiding investment in such companies.

with regards.