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Stavropol, Russian Federation,
May 28, 2021,
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I am very glad I found this site. After all, here, you can find real help and information. Keep it up guys. You are just great, keep it up. I recommend this site and these guys to everyone. I will always help, prompt and support. I wish you further development and improvement.
Reply by Assistant Moderator submitted Sep 30, 2021:
Thanks TRIX,

We try our best to give all members and guests the best possible experience.

If anyone does have a problem with the website or how it's run, just scroll down to the Contact Us link at the bottom of any review for forums page. That ties into an FAQ with answers and with contact forms if the FAQ doesn't answer the question.

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Stavropol, Russian Federation,
Feb 25, 2021,
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Complete disregard from the liquidator!!!

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Hello everyone, it's 2021 but there is no news at all! Over the course of this year, I have written to the Digby Noyce liquidator several times but have not received a single answer to my questions! There is no information, the site works, it does not work, the personal account, as it was turned off that year, still does not work! If anyone has information, please share it. But I get the feeling that the liquidator has scored on everything. He promised to include me in the list of victims and post with all the documents here:, but he didn't add me to the list! Although I provided all the documents that I had, including the office number! Now he also ignores my messages! I ask to help me, who can! You can write here:
I will be very grateful, at least for some information.

Sep 9, 2020 - No Rating Last Post By Digby Noyce 09/09/2020 -"As I have previously advised you Circle Markets is a defendant in litigation before the High Court at Auckland. Until such time as the case has been heard and decided I am unable to advise you what you may expect to get paid back. I do not expect the case to be heard until next year."
Tradeinvest, I have 6 times more money than you. What are your plans, what to do?

Jul 17, 2020 - No Rating Hello! The case seems to have budged! The liquidator contacted me and said: Circle Markets Limited (in Liquidation) is a defendant in a court case in the High Court at Auckland. The case is still in the early stages and a hearing date has not yet been set. The claim against Circle Markets is for in excess of $ 1 million and relates to alleged breaches of the Financial Markets Conduct Act, the Fair Trading Act and negligence.

So, we are waiting for further news and results.

Mar 15, 2020 - No Rating Hello! Something incredible happened, it would seem, found a great broker with excellent conditions. Everything, stability but not 2020, brings all new surprises. This is terrible and very sad, now I don’t know what to do either! Money is stuck or maybe completely gone, we will wait for a decision from Digby Noyce (, all hope for him! Who has any thoughts, write here:
It remains to believe in miracles, support us FPA, all good and stability, may the force be with us!

Feb 2, 2020 - No Rating Hello! Today is Sunday, February 2, 2020, it’s a beautiful winter day in the yard! I'm still in a drawdown, Brexit and Great Britain's exit from the EU have slightly complicated my situation, but I think everything will be solved soon! Have a good weekend and success in the market. The broker makes me happy, I'm happy with everything! I will resume monitoring as soon as I take off the landing!

Oct 16, 2019 - 5 Stars Hello! I apologize for the delay, as there was no time to pack up and write! Today is October 16, 2019. So, Jeffrey McClean kept his word and as promised he compensated for losses from the transfer through 2PAY4YOU due to insurance! I continue to use the services of this excellent broker! I recommend to everyone! I don’t turn on the monitoring of the account, because I’m still in the red, But I think that everything will work out in the near future and I will turn on monitoring. All good and success! Have a nice day!

Oct 2, 2019 - 5 Stars As I said, everything is fine with the broker and I continue to work with him! But I’m in a big drawdown because of stupidity and because of this I turned off account monitoring! I am not a fake and continue to work with this broker. This is not an advertisement! The translation that disappeared due to 2PAYOU's fault is promised to be returned to me in the near future, so I think that everything is just fine! See you soon, there will be a continuation ....

Aug 12, 2019 - 5 Stars Hello! Today is August 12, 2019 and again I am writing! Today the money for the second transfer has arrived, the whole amount, without delays and problems! In the first translation, the situation has more or less cleared up! Turns out 2Pay4you is conducting an audit against his now former boss for fraudulent activities! In this regard, wallets and purses are blocked for verification until all the circumstances of fraudulent actions are clarified! They promised to restore everything in the near future, so we wait and believe. fulfills its obligations 100%. I will cooperate further and keep you informed, account monitoring and information will be replenished! See you soon....

Aug 7, 2019 - 5 Stars Hello! Here is the long-awaited sequel! I am already making the second withdrawal of SEPA for 5000 USD + conversion to EUR! From 5000 USD I will receive +/- 4269.29 EUR, but I do not mind if everything is on time and in full. My last withdrawal, it was only half, even a little more from 4386 EUR I received only 2386 EUR but 2000 EUR disappeared without a trace from the 2PAY4YOU payment system, the broker promises to figure it out but everything is in vain! We will wait and believe that, all the same, they will cope with these difficulties and this will not happen again!
P.S. The second conclusion I started on 06. August 2019. When will it end and how, I will write here! Good luck!
To be continued.....

Jul 1, 2019 - 5 Stars Hello! As promised, I attach monitoring of my trade with this broker -! So far everything is fine, I have submitted an application for withdrawal by SEPA bank transfer! The deposit at the time of submitting the withdrawal application was 25,340.90 USD, the SEPA transfer is made in EUR, I requested 5,000 USD for withdrawal, which in EUR was 4,396.39, I expect a withdrawal of funds according to my details! To be continued

Mar 30, 2019 - 5 Stars The previous review is changing for the better so far, the broker was really nothing to do with, the whole problem was in the banks. The broker helped as best he could and how could, in the end, everything was decided! As promised, if the broker has nothing to do with it, I transfer the money to them and start cooperating! So already did! The report will be in a couple of months. Maybe I’ll add account monitoring here! All good, as long as the broker keeps its promises to 100%

Mar 20, 2019 - 1 Star Maybe SCAM
My account at, No. 26080522 and this is not black PR or deception! It's true.
I learned about from your site and a few more, where this broker is highly praised!
This broker has 2 licenses, VU (Vanuatu) and NZ (New Zealand), I opened an account there and there, but decided to replenish the account with a VU for verification.
When registering, it was said that this broker supports the PayPal payment system, but after registration it turned out that it does not support.
I had to choose a bank transfer as I didn’t have an account from the offered options!
And so a bank transfer in the amount of $ 2000 I sent on 02/15/2019 and today, on 03/20/2019, the money did not go to my open account and did not return to my bank.
All bank terms have already passed but there is no money anywhere! When communicating with the broker's support service, they claim that the money came to the bank, but the bank sent them back because of the law on restricting the laundering or sponsorship of terrorism!
I asked the support service for a track tracking number but I haven't been able to get it for a week. In general, they pull time and do not want to return money! If there are questions I can answer, there is correspondence and there are documents confirming the translation.
If it turns out that these are really banking problems, then I will put 5 stars and transfer money for cooperation.