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United Kingdom,
Apr 17, 2019,
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Contacted an admin for premium trade and he asked me to pay a further £2470 for “upgrades” for my account - that’s when I realised I’ve been conned. please I repeat- stay away from premium trades or any instagram user promising quick returns with a broker or website that has not been reviewed or is not regulated. Or even if they have been, investigate thoroughly first before investing !!!

Apr 17, 2019 - No Rating Update on Premium Trade- currently got in contact with the admins and was told I could withdraw today- waiting for my withdrawal to come into action before I post any further reviews

Apr 15, 2019 - 1 Star SCAM ALERT! BEWARE!!

So I was made awa of this company when I came in contact with someone, who I assume works for the company or maybe even owns the company(if it is a company), via Instagram. Said person told me I could make £5960 within a week, should’ve known it was a scam from then, and told me the way to go about investing.

I signed in to the website and checked it out firstly- a few things struck me as weird and abit off when I signed it however I regret now not doing more stringent research into what I was investing in. I was asked to deposit via bitcoin however when I made a test deposit- it didn’t show up on my account and I immediately asked the person what is going on to which right after I got an email from the “company” confirming my deposit. After that I deposited £500 and he told me it would take 7 days for my deposit to make me profit.

Later on during the week I researched the company name at the website and it showed me a completely different company with a different address altogether and when I googled the aforementioned address on the website- an entirely new company with the same name and same layout cropped up( you can check this out yourself).
Obviously this had me worried so I contacted the person who reached out but no response- even after the 7 days and I requested to withdraw I didn’t get an answer from the person or the company and now the persons Instagram page is not availab

Please don’t make the same mistake I did- beware of these Instagram accounts that have more following than followers and promise you huge returns in a short amount of time