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Review for GFCInvestment.com

May 31, 2019,
Registered user

GFC Investment is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.

I will not recommend anyone to this company. Their account manager tell lies in order to get you to invest money. I received phonecall saying that he will be able to help me earn money. I invested US250. On the same day, he say that if i invest more, I will be able to receive another 5000 which i did not. He trade with my account using Anydesk through the phonecall. My account start making bits of money at first. And then, i was asked to invest more. I invested. Once, the trade went against the market, the trade hit margin call and the trade close by itself. The next day he called again and say that i have make money. The account balance the account increase by 500+ which is actually bonus. I was then approach by another guy Intro me to become VIP member This cover an Insurance, daily trade and managed account. I Invest again. This makes money, but all in form of bonus. I question him this to be a scam but he email me that i can immediate withdrawal all amount include bonus. I was greedy at that time and stay on. They sent emails to promote packages which has big earnings. GFC investment charge me a dormant fee of US300 Until recently, i asked to withdrawal money. And this is when everything fall out of space.