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greece, Greece,
Jul 15, 2019,
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This was one on my worst experience and by fur one of my most stressful eve

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This was one on my worst experience and by fur one of my most stressful ever.
My first mistake was that I send them my BTC before I check everything on their site. Had I known that they ask for personal information I wouldn’t even had open the account. They ask for your passport scanned with your signature clear next to it with no watermarks or anything to say why you scanned for, like you do in the big markets like kraken or coinbase. To specify I had written binarycent verification 01/07/2019 next to my signature and they didn’t accept it. It is very possible and likely to sell these data to third party which they are capable to even get a loan in your name.
Secondly the form on their site is built in such a way so to confuse you and lose as much as possible. On top of that the feedback you take from their support can make your situation even worst once most of the time is misleading so you can lose even more of your money. Keep in mind that they get paid by a portion of 20% from the money you deposit on their site and not so from your winnings even though that they keep another 20% on your way out. So now you have it!
And then it comes the time to withdraw. Hahaha. I asked to withdraw in BTC. It took 3 weeks and could be hundreds of emails in between to different people and different email addresses. I had reached to a point where my first page on my gmail had only emails of conflict with them. After all that and a rally of bitcoin that 3 weeks and moments before a dive in the price of BTC they sent me back my assets. So now you know that the scam manager named Vitaliy D. waited those 3 weeks so he could sell me his BTC as more expensive he could and profit from that to.
At the end I had started with 3000usd and I manage to retrieve 500usd and the funny thing is that I consider that as a great success once until the very end I believed that I had lost everything.