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Georgia, USA,
Oct 19, 2019,
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Finally a trader that cares about you

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I'm a Soldier in the ARMY. Extreme busy and barely any time to trade. When I started FOREX I was a mess. I ask myself why no one use the weird clouds, how I call them at the time. Just like you I went to youtube looking for a answer and a came across FXATONEGLANCE. Like everyone else I was skeptical at first but me been in the military I look deeper. I took a look at Carl videos and I notice that his been in youtube for over 8 years and he only had at the time I discovered him 28,000 subs. That many years and that low sub caught my attention with a question I ask myself. First Why someone with that many years and so low sub in youtube still here when in fact that low of sub doesn't make any money?. Well that easy he must be legit and he trading for real and trying to help others with trading. Me watching his videos I took his advice in the way ichimoku works and me been me I ask him on youtube comments if he can review one of the trades I took listening his advice. Well to my surprise he said yes so I send him a pic of the trade, not only he answer all my questions he also made a video on YouTube explaining all the details in my trade. All that for free. Just because I ask. Now he is by far the least expensive trader I know. You don't belive me go ahead and look his price and then compared with others. Good luck finding someone legit as him with that price. The chat in his website alone is worth the price. The fact that his webinars are in average 2 hours long is worth the price. Just look at his youtube videos a try some of his strategies. I only know 2 ichimoku traders that learn the original way. Trust me you won't find traders that teach the correct way ichimoku unless you speak Japanese. You won't be desapointed. Attention SSG RODRIGUEZFRANCO USA ARMY