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Bien Hoa, Viet Nam,
Jan 13, 2020,
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My name is Phung Thi Dan Thao. My MT4 account is 400817
I get the issues with Eightcap below:
Arbitrarily disabled my MT4 account.
Keeping my money including deposit and profits 4001.81 USD over a month, and still not pay me until now.
Calumniating me to trade HEDGING with another MT4 account 401309 without proof (even if this is my friend MT4 account, and he hasn’t made any deposit or any transaction yet), then remove all my transactions and profits.
Deliberately delayed, making it difficulty, absurd requirements for me to withdrawn my deposit.
The details are as follow:
Oct 31st 2019, I opened an account with Eightcap Broker, my Email is, MT4 account is 400817. Eightcap verified my account by asking me to send pics of my ID card and utility bill. And I completed it.
Dec 5th 2019, I made deposit 2000 USD to my MT4 account 400817 via Neteller, my Neteller Email is Then I made 3 transactions Sell XAUUSD, total 1.7 lots.
Dec 6th 2019, I got take profits of 3 transactions is 2001.81 USD, and I made a request to withdraw my profit. It is the request to withdraw 2000 USD from my MT4. However, my withdrawal order was hanged over 10 days without any notify to my email, and my MT4 account is disabled. During that time, I made 2 conversations on chat window of Eightcap website, and I got the same answer is Eightcap is during time to verify the transactions so please waiting.
Dec 18th 2019, I couldn’t waiting anymore so I sent an email to Eightcap to asking about my account and my fund. Then Eightcap sent me an email to support my withdrawals, I have to confirm my identity and account holder authentication Neteller, by provide them the video images me to hold my ID card, the the screenshots of my Neteller account show my name, email and the history Neteller transactions from the day guests Eightcap. I believed these requirements are absurd, because when I opened an account with Eightcap, or any other brokers, all them always ask me to verify my identity or anything they need first, then they confirmed it was verified, then I can just deposit and trading. But, I was so worry about my fund they are keeping, and I didn’t want to waste time anymore, so I did all things they asked.
Dec 22nd 2019, I sent them the video images me holding my ID card, and my Neteller account screenshots as they asked.
Dec 23rd 2019, Eightcap replied email that asking me keep waiting.
Dec 24th 2019, Eightcap emailed to me that I traded HEDGING with MT4 account 401309, so they returned all my transactions and removed my profits, just pay me my deposit 2001 USD and I have to keep sending them my bank account information, and my bank statement with clearly transactions, instead of I deposit via Neteller, and they asked me to verify many times before.
Dec 25th 2019, I replied their email, asking them to provide me the proof of their slanderous, I also pointed out that the MT4 account 401309 is owner of my friend, and he hasn’t not deposit or made any transaction yet, so how we can Hedging? Also, I didn’t agree with things they did with my account, including arbitrary returned my transactions and removed my profits. And keep asking many things many times to waste my time and made it difficulty to withdrawn my fund.
Jan 13rd 2020, I’m sting in waiting and not get any response from Eightcap. They keep my fund is 4001.81 USD including deposit 2000 USD and profit 2001.81 USD in silent, no any email until now.

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