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Viet Nam, Viet Nam,
Jan 13, 2020,
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Scam Broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

To the competent agencies:

My name is: Ngo Van Thiep
I have opened a trading account with broker Eightcap with MT4 number 401029.
- My account is more than $ 2500, I made a withdrawal of $ 1400, the Broker Eightcap side deducted my money but after 3 working days I did not return my money to the wallet.
- I started to contact their support and received the answer is waiting for review is unclear, I have waited for a few days and sent mail but they silently did not answer me.
- When I asked them to clarify the issue, they told me to give them the transaction history of Neteller wallet (I find this absurd because it's my personal information), then they arrest me record videos with proof of your identity.
- Then they proceeded to close my MT4 account and deduct all my more than $ 2500 and imposed that I hit hedgin something without clear evidence specific. I asked them to give evidence otherwise they would have to return my full amount so they would not respond so far.
- They also deducted all my money and deducted my account -2887 $
- So expect the competent organizations to intervene and reclaim fairness for me.

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