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Granada, Spain,
Mar 17, 2020,
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Hello guys,
I would like to inform you that this company is pretty sure a scam company due to all that happened to me during these past days:
One week ago a man called Brian called me and he advised me to put 10.000€ on their account in order to obtain more rights, privileges and services than the other customers.
After that, I was informing myself about their reputation, which is very good and I fell into their trap depositing that amount and following his advice to purchase on CFD market (Oil and Brentoil).
He made me believe that he has got ages of experience and that I should not worry because he was calling me to advise me to close positions in time. He did it the first time to gain my trust with a winning of 270€.
Then, after I have deposited the money he asked me and purchased, this man Brian, my account manager, disappeared once and for all and when I called their support they told me that he wasn't available anymore for families problems.
Then, I asked for another account manager, as in theory I am supposed to be a premium account member, but they refused to give it to me for 2 full days, after informing me that Brian was no longer available. The special surprise is the following:
Today, I realised, that a position has been closed (not by me) and without me activating "stop loss" while I had enough money to cover the loss. The best of all is that they blocked the possibility to sell on the market (I wanted to conduct hedging) without any reason, for the whole day!!! I had some open position but I needed to cover my loss in case of a plunging market.
I called them at least 10 times and no one was able to attend and explain me why this happened. Just one time they told me that the order to block this action came from the directives of their regulator, which can't be true, due to the fact that on other trading platforms the same action was available! Only now, when the market is lower than my positions, they reopened. Anyways now it's too late, as I am going to loose more than if I had been able to do hedging to cover my losses in time.
What can I do in this situation? this is an unfair policy and I am sure that there is a conflict of interest as they in reality advised me to lose all the time and blocking my account to open sell positions.
I am still waiting - like a stupid ! - for their assistance, as they promoted in the beginning, but nothing.
Please, help me in any way possible, I really appreciate it.
Let me know if you have similar problems and experiences with Trade.com.
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