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Jul 7, 2020,
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Length of use: 6-12 Months

Actually, I have been a member since last year and the results were good, only February and may were not so good, but the rest of it is good results, I was so upset at that time and gave a bad review because I had my own problem and get so upset when I saw the results. It's not fair comparing the results dave gave us for many months, but only 2 months bad results, then I complain. I think it's not fair. I also paid not as much as $125 because I am an old member, I thought dave increased the price for my payment, but actually, he did not. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks

May 28, 2020 - 2 Stars you pay $125 per month to him not to earn money, but to lose money. don't you think $125 is too expensive?
you know, if the results is good, $125 should be fine, but the results are worse and the subscription fee is too expensive.
even though you use proper money management, this guy already lost more than 1000 pips this month, and its not even the end of the month, and some trades are running in loss, not in profit, if all of those trades hit SL, maybe its gonna be more than 2000 pips loss this month, if you risk 1% per trade, you already lost more than 10%. i just calculated the pips that we lost on the VIP group, it is more than 1000 pips!
you can contact me if you need proof or evidence.
he keep saying "i think the dollar and JPY will strengthen this week or next week"
you have said that many times! and some of the trades that we hold right now are from last month, we hold more than a month. i think he said that just to comfort his members to not leave his group.
and also we hold those trades just to add more losses because of the swap, and the trades not even running in profit. don't you think you should compensate your members?
i started my account with not so much money, and how can i cover the membership money if we keep losing everyday?
i think everyone feels the same, people with $1000 - $ 5000 account.
everyone makes mistakes, i understand that, but the problem is the subscription fee, its too expensive for such a bad results. i also understand and now in forex market, you can't earn every single month, sometimes there are months where you just loss, but still, more than 1000 pips is too much, i forget whether there is a winning trades this month.

thank you!

Reply by DaveFXHunter submitted Jun 2, 2020 Hello,

thank you for your review. I know the weeks were full of losses. Trust me I'm doing my best to beat the markets. However it didn't worked for last couple weeks. In the fact there is not the strategy which can beat the markets in all the conditions.

I believe you understand this as you mentioned. Its very bad luck that joined exactly on this period. That for I offered completely free month for all members as compensation.

Complaining about that service price and pips and how long we hold the trades is irrelevant, proves me that you are beginner so please let me explain.

Price - as a trader you should know and you mentioned it that there is loosing months so you should have account with size that monthly fee will be less than 2% so you can go for more months without being depressed of losing period.

Complaining that fee is expensive because you started with small amount . . .

What to say you should calculate this before buying the service if its suitable for you or not. I did not said anywhere will have only winning periods or guaranteed profit.

PIPS - complaining about number of the pips?? Yes we lost more than 1000 pips.

Please did you even read the description about the service before you bought it?

There is described that our SL distance is more than 100 pips as we trade swing. Not daily scalping. So we adjust each position to the percentage risk per trade to maximum 1% then it doesn't matter if you loose 100 pips on a trade or 200 pips it always should be maximum 1%.

Complaining about that we hold trades for a month? Irrelevant

As explained we trade swing strategy and I cant control the market. We don't know when the accumulation phase will end sometimes it can be days sometimes even months. Patience is very important in the trading.

I wish you good luck