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HK, Hong Kong,
Jun 16, 2020,
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Good signals provider (pipswin)

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Length of use: 3-6 Months

Hello, dear traders. I am a new trader started my trade since Jan 2020. 2020 is amazing, so many big things have happened. And I lost a lot of money ($ 100,000+), just like every new trader. The market is playing us. I have tried to learn the principles of trading, and I am still learning. But I need to cover my loss. I have also tried many signal providers, some are very expensive ($ 200 per month), but the results are the same. I blew up my account again and again.
Some providers often stop mentioning their signals after they have posted them. And they cheat, they only count the wins and ignore the failed ones. Then, if you just see their results, it is beautiful. But they are bad in fact.
Another thing is that most of the signal providers give us several TP levels, like TP1/2/3. It’s hard for us to follow. And they say once TP1 is reached move SL to entry. But after break even, when the price hit TP2, they claimed that it hit TP2, it’s not true!! For example, the SL is 80pips, you open 3 positions, TP1 20pips, TP2 50 pips, TP3 100 pips. If you lose, then -80*3=240 pips. If it hit all TPs directly, then 20+50+100=170 pips. Even under the best situation, the win to loss ratio is even less than 1!!!
When I met PIPSWIN, I didn’t trust them too. I go through their results, and I count the ones that never mentioned once published as loss. Overall, the profit is about 2500 pips per month. It’s good enough for me. They also gave several TP levels in the past. But for now, they only give 1 TP and 1 SL. And all positions are closed once opened. I suggest you guys to choose PIPSWIN as the guider of your trading career. And use same lot for each position (0.02-0.03 lot per $ 1000). And because we use different broker, we have different spread. Please make sure your pirce is 3 pips away from their given one. We will be rich in the future. See you!
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Reply by PipsWin submitted Jul 21, 2020:
Thanks, for your honest feedback about our service.