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Review for BlackBullMarkets.com

Canada, United Kingdom,
Oct 4, 2020,
Registered user

Another professional broker if you are a full-time trader!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Another broker I decided to try after seeing reviews here on Forex Peace Army. I needed a brand-new broker to connect to my brand-new Zulu Trade account to trade for investors. Right from the start, I could see the service received was professional, and people working at BlackBull Market can use their brains. The verification was smooth without any hassle. They reply fast to emails and in the live chat as well! The server is a bit slower than other brokers I am trading with, but I didn’t have any connection issue, and all my trades were made to the T. This broker could become my second choice after Darwinex if everything goes smooth with Zulu trade. The spreads on the ECN prime account are good enough if you are a full-time trader.

From now, I prefer to be with a broker having excellent customer service rather than a broker with the best spreads on the market but having the worst customer service. I am done dealing with brokers having some brainless morons at the customer service who can’t handle anything, making you lose your time every time you contact them. Blackbull market customer service is top class, and they know how to treat you like a real trader. For now, I have no complaints about testing accounts and customer service. I am a happy customer with them. I recommend this broker for serious traders!
Reply by Client Services Team submitted Oct 29, 2020:
Thank you for the honest feedback.

Review for Darwinex.com

Canada, Bahamas,
Sep 29, 2020,
Registered user

One of the best in the industry!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Undoubtedly the best broker out there if you are a serious full-time trader! The staff is professional and knows how to handle any issue with a customer. They reward the best traders on the platform, giving them funds to trade when you are in the tops! This is perfect for someone who wants to become a full-time trader who got the skills for trading but lacks of fund. The platform is smooth, and the server is good. I never had any connection issues with this broker. The website is well designed and easy to use. They will give you a call back in less than 24 hours if requested! Some brokers should take an example with Darwinex to see how a professional and regulated broker serve his customers! Fast deposit and withdrawal!

Sadly, for retails traders, the maximum 30:1 leverage is pretty low. I am waiting to get my 500000 Euro to get upgraded to 200:1 leverage. Then once I become a professional trader on Darwinex, this is going to be my number one broker to trade!
Good job Darwinex! I am sure the trading community will get to know your broker more in the future!
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Review for Axi.com

Canada, Bahamas,
Sep 28, 2020,
Registered user

Identity Theft Behaviour. Untrained and Brainless staff!

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

With all the bad reviews, complaints over the internet and the fakes paid reviews they posted also on Trust Pilot, the only reason why I wanted to get my account verified with this extraordinary disgusting broker was to be able to trade on Psyquation as a Premium to get investors to invest in my trades. The broker have criminal behaviors for requesting more needed documents that they should! Holding people money of what I saw as well! Manipulating trades, Etc. They are breaching the FCA laws big time! I think they don’t understand that under British law, asking for more of what is needed for a KYC is a criminal behavior, and a customer has the right of privacy and the right to protect his vital information! By the way, this broker doesn’t have anything special under the ASIC and FCA or more rules to get verified! This is the same regulation for all brokers!

So, regarding my case, I provided them with a Government ID, a proof of address with a selfie! They told me they could not accept my government ID, which is provided by the Immigration of my country at the cost of around 10k per year. The same ID I used to be verified with other regulated brokers without any issue! This ID card is the only way for any foreigners who wish to live, work, or handle a business legally in the country! I even gave them the phone number th call the Immigration or email to contact them to ask about my right to live in the country and for how many years I have been living in the country! But the useless staff were thirsty to get more ID and personal information of what was needed and told me they could not do that!! For over two months, I asked to speak to a supervisor of the broker because I was really sick to deal with the brainless morons working at the customer service in the live chat and over the phone! I even offered them to make a video call to get myself verified and give a selfie with the date of the day with the name of AxiTrader on it, but this was not good enough for them! I even provided other ID and cards (with essential information hidden) to prove them I was legally the person on the provided Government id of my country of residence, but this was enough for them! Some brokers know that this kind of ID is precious and can be sold for a high price on the black market, and AxiTrader is one of them! I provided a second selfie with even the name of the supervisor Jack, and this was enough! Then they wonder why I was cursing at them after losing my time for two freaking months dealing with untrained and brainless morons!? I even wonder why they are regulated under the ASIC or others because a regulated forex broker should provide evidence that they:
-Are competent to carry out their business operations. Failing big time here!

Have sufficient financial resources.

Comply with nationally set standards for training, insurance, and dispute resolution. I am failing big time here!

I was a victim of identity theft with another broker in the past were I provided more than one ID, and since then, I refuse to give more than one ID to any broker!

Axi Trader decided to refuse my application based on his bad faith when I provided more that needed to be a trader on Psyquation, and then they wonder why I was pissed off cursing at them!

Stay away fro AxiTrader. A criminal broker with the lowest customer service from the brainless untrained staff! Don’t lose your time with them, even for Psyquation. You have a better option over there like Darwinex, one of the best brokers around for copy trading or just trading!!
I plan to meet them at the office once I fly back to London to meet my dear Jack, and this idiot of Jose, who could not professionally handle my verification! I can’t wait to show them how real I am!

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Review for HugosWay.com

Canada, Bahamas,
Sep 25, 2020,
Registered user

Unregulated criminal broker!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Please stay away from this broker, and don't ever send them any document! Hugo way is an unregulated criminal broker doing identity theft! They will steal your ID and get rid of you right away once you give your papers to them! The KYC is a total scam and should not be used by anyone who wants to risk their money on this unregulated scam broker! I wanted to do my KYC to connect other payment methods. Still, once they received my documents plus a selfie with the date of today with on it the name of Jamie, the useless shift leader, he blocked my account right after receiving my documents! This is how this kind of broker treats a brand-new customer. They have been ignoring my emails and live chat and even blocking my IP address after this nonsense!
But the thing is they are to dumb to realize that anyone can have multiple accounts under different emails using a VPN. So, you can see the untrained HUGO staff don't have any common sense or competence to handle customers! I requested a call from the supervisor for an explanation, but I bet they are not going to call!

I would like to hear from the supervisor here in the forex peace army. They already have bad reviews over here, and believe me, this case will be the nail in the coffin if they want to play dirty! I have a terrible temper, and I know how to deal with the reputation of scam brokers like HUGO!. Thieves and brainless incompetents should not have the right to handle this kind of business in the forex industry! Let's see what the supervisor of Hugo FX will tell me about this bloody nonsense here in Forex Peace army or over the phone if they ever decide to call me!! I have everything recorded emails and live chat, and ready to expose everything if they don't fix this s***, or I don't hear from the supervisor!

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Reply by hugosway submitted Sep 28, 2020:
Hi there,

We have managed to locate your chat history and found that our Customer Support Agents were helpful and professional when responding to your request.

KYC documents are only a requirement for clients who want to use deposit and withdrawal methods other than Bitcoin. If you choose to submit KYC documents, the name registered on your account must match the name on the submitted documents. Otherwise, clients will need to update their account details. It is standard procedure to ask clients a number of security questions when they request to change their account details. For an added layer of security, we also ask clients to send a selfie so that we can make sure that the proof of Identity which they have submitted is correct.

From the transcripts of your chat history, we noted that you asked the Customer Support Agent to delete your account. This action was completed before your KYC documents were processed, as KYC verification may take up to 24 hours.

If you require further clarification, you may contact the Customer Support Team 24/7, either through Live chat, email or by requesting a phone call.

The Hugo’sWay Team