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Review for LQDFX.com

New York, USA,
Oct 6, 2020,
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Trusted platform

Service use: Live

Taking into account that US traders are very limited when it comes to Forex trading, I am happy that there are few decent companies out there who we can trust and LQDfx is one of them. All Forex brokers offer 1 main product - Forex trading, all those companies have the trading instruments that can satisfy our trading needs (of course low spreads and commissions are also a factor). However, what it matters nowadays is the service - how fast deposits are in, how fast withdrawals are processed, how stable the platform is and last but not least customer support.

Having said that, based on my experience with LQD I believe this is a 5 star broker. Moreover, it is rated as a trusted broker in one of the most popular forex threads on another forum website. I'm not saying that this company is completely flawless, but at least if an error occurs - they work together with the client.

Stay safe everyone!