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Montreal, Canada,
Oct 22, 2020,
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Still working on withdraws

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Well, I landed here and started to read the reviews about Vload. I can't say I'm not discouraged at the moment.

Like most people, I used Vload to fund my Forex account, got verified up to tier 2 but couldn't get verified to withdraw.

I've tried to work with a representative on this issue. I've sent my FATCA CRA document 3 or 4 to times before I tried to reach Vload by phone. After I did, i didn't received any email concerning my verification.

My status is still blocked at this step and 500$ is currently sleeping in my account.

I tried to find other ways to spend my money but besides brokers, I couldn't find any other merchants who accept Vload.

I'm currently upset but I'm still going to work with Vload and give them any informations they need. The only problem is communication at the moment.

I will write back when my status will change and give you an idea about the delays involved.
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Reply by jmalach submitted Nov 27, 2020:
Hello Michel,

Sorry you were upset with us, and initially could not unlock cashout. Please share your experience here on FPA of how things worked out in the end.

If you have any other issues feel free to contact our customer service 24/7

The VLoad Team
UK +441382797240
US +17727424504