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Oct 30, 2020,
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Andrew Host is a scammer

Okay, I haven't started with but I have valid reasons to tell you why they're scammers!

Andrew Host used to be a close friend of Ninoslav Golubovic and a manager in, the biggest scam site ever made.

I know because I remember clearly speaking with Andrew Host 5-6 times when I was signed up for Trade Copier service with Profit-ForexSignals, he made me believe that they're the best and they haven't seen any drawdown above 20%.

I intentionally had a chat with after coming to know the CEO is Andrew Host. Again, with his wishy-washy convincing tactics he started convincing me how they never seen a bigger drawdown etc etc.

When I told him that I remember him from Profit-forexsignals from 4 years ago, he started telling me that Nino and Anna were scammers(which is true) and how he(Andrew) himself wanted to help people(which I can't believe).

A person, who served a scamming company for 4-5 years cannot turn into a great trader overnight. He left because clearly he didn't get his cut from those two scammer couple.

Also, whoever reading this, still wants to trade with them thinking that Andrew might have changed, NO!, he is still using some old tactics he learned from, that is, duping people with MyFxBook performance.

Just check both the sites' performance in MyFxBook, both of them have "all demo" accounts and the track record isn't even verified.

I have lost enough in PFXS, so I don't need to put my money in to tell you how they operate.

In fact, whoever tells you they make more than 10% roi per month and the trader doesn't reveal his face, be careful.

Stay safe.