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Review for BMFN.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
May 9, 2021,
Registered user

BMFN Victims' Money showing up in Vermont

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year


it looks like BMFN's Owner is crazy to buy anything and everything,

it's also the time to pay what he collects (steal) from the whole world, please read the article above

hope it can help anyone has an issue to get back his money,

Nov 29, 2020 - 1 Star BMFN is over 10+ years in the market now, and know one knew from where it came or regulated anywhere and why they hiding now?

as they run away from China, Saudi Arabia and India, now they running from UAE, the company owner fail to handle the client withdrawals and he close the office door with a a message says "BMFN is closed and if you have an issue send to gmail " which is so funny, but a lot of people lost millions,

a lot of police cases opened in UAE but BMFN owner (PB) still lucky as clients did not went and open one public case, but they will.

BMFN.com is blocked is UAE, and also most of the BMFN's baby companies like, unitrader.com,eforex.com,swissfs.com and swissfxprime.com which already flagged by SCA in UAE,

actually they will never stop, and they going to continue in UAE with a new name,

as every day am getting a calls from BMFN's victims i want forexpeacearmy support to allow all of this people to put them stories fairly here, i believe this website is one of the highest voices,

below is just 3 accounts with more than half million, and they can reply and clear them side if they proceed with withdrawal , 6 months playing and tiring to reduce the amount until they start to open trades from them side to finish it, same time BMFN's employs trying to fix the client issue and take commission from him just to fix his issue or else they will not help the guy take HIS MONEY!!, who can believe this!!!



hope people with the same issue now and i know they are a lot, to put them reviews asap, as by few days BMFN is running from UAE,

Review for SwissFS.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Dec 9, 2020,
Registered user

swissfs=bmfn is a scam in Saudi Arabia

Length of use: over 1 Year

SwissFS is one of the illegal babies of BMFN, as SwissFS and BMFN not putting clearly on their website but we all can see it through them MT4 servers IP address, and also through Boston Unisoft which owned to Pavel Belogour the same owner of BMFN 


you can see some of names used instead of BMFN, and for sure if you planning to work with one of those names you have to be 100% sure you dealing with BMFN back office, and you will get stolen!

Here is the story:

after BMFN steal the clients’ money in Saudi Arabia under the name of BMFN-ARAB and Saudi Arabia Central bank decide to restrict any forex transfer it was a good chance for BMFN to run away, but still money in Saudi Arabia and BMFN want to continue stealing it , as much as they can !!!!!!!!!!!

One of BMFN’s IBs which is Swissfs that time has a trade license in Kuwait but not regulated anywhere even the on moon, but they are the only Arabic speakers BMFN has,

BMFN start using their Lebanon IB in Kuwait “SwissFS” or clearly the IB “Ahmad Shibley” to get the money from KSA, he start building everything without putting his name ever but as we all know nothing will be hidden forever as wealth & finance wrote about him and his wealth and to clear who is behind of SwissFS


SwissFS entered KSA under marketing license and Start to collect the money, with offshore account under them real name of Kuwait until it got blocked in about 2 or 3 months for the illegal activity , since that time till now they taking the money in local banks for their marketing company


they playing with clients (victims) and informing them they trading with SwissFS Licensed in Kuwait  but the deposits is going to Swiss marketing, so even with the fake talk about license in Kuwait this KSA victims will not get one cent back, and SwissFS will run to hug the mother BMFN out of the Middle East .

they got a lot of issues but still fighting to stay even after Capital Market Authority in KSA list them, and looks like someone benefit to keep them in Saudi Arabia,


this company name must change and link the son to the real father and name it Swissfs = bmfn.com SCAMMER!!!
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