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Melbourne, Australia,
Jan 18, 2021,
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Awesome experience..!

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Length of use: over 1 Year

Hey guys!
I have been trading for more than 8 years now. Initially, I was trading part-time so I was fine
with my earlier broker, but when I shifted to being a full-time trader, I started facing serious
troubles with them. I had several trade issues & so frequently and they literally took forever to
get back to me. They even took it on my withdrawals and trust me, it bites so bad, to not be able
to get your own money. So, I had to switch my broker. After a lot of research and consultation
with my fellow traders, I took a step ahead with ‘Turnkey Forex’.With my 2 years of experience
with them, I can say that despite being an unregulated broker, their services have been better
than some of the regulated brokers as well. I extremely contend with their deposit and
withdrawal procedure. My deposits never take more than 20 minutes to reflect on my account.
Even my withdrawals are always sorted within 10 hours and this is their best aspect. They have
cancelled my withdrawal just once, in the last 2 years and that also counts back to a valid
reason, which makes me more secure about my funds. But they should consider giving us more
than 100 % bonus some times like their other counterparts, it could give a much-required boost
to our trading. If other brokers can do it, so should you guys work on it as well.
And, I am not satisfied with just Cryptos being the solo mode of payment, other forms of
payment should also be added to the options. It could be really convenient for every one of us to
trade with them. Their chat support mentioned that they will soon be introducing the direct
method of payments, but as of now, it is only Cryptos. One thing that I am amazed to see is that
they do not have much social media presence and whenever I recommend them to anyone, my
colleague comes back to me saying that this broker is not very popular. I can also see that they
have not replied to any of the reviews here on FPA too. Guys, this is time for social media.
While you are good at what you do, you need to up your game on social media too.
As of now, I am satisfied with their services but the things mentioned above need to be looked
into for better future prospects.
Otherwise, you all are doing a great job. Keep it going!
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