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Aug 22, 2021,
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Tradefcm is BIG SCAM. All must be wondering what happens to a client after they put review. Well as a client I would like to share what I face after giving review on Tradefcm. They start threatening and harassing us badly. They threatened to send client to jail if didn't take review back. And what is our fault ....our fault is that we trusted these frauds with our hard earned money. So please once again I am requesting don't trust a word these frauds sais to you
If you receive call from +44208144593/442081337124/442081570153

Jun 14, 2021 - 1 Star Tradefcm is a fake and fraud company. Please don't invest a single penny in this company. They are manipulating clients to get more money. They are frauds. I have lost 4600$ by trusting them.
It started in October 2020, Joel from London called and said that I will get 20%- 40% as returns on my investment every month. Than he introduced Lewis Lucas as his senior he provided me with 500$ credit bonus, so that I can watch how they work. In 10 days they made good profits on 500$. After that I invested 1800$, got three withdrawals too, and in January 2021 I took one more account of 1100$. Joel keep calling for more investment, like deposit 500$ and get 1500$ market movement is very good etc. When I told them I already invested a lot and asked for withdrawal in Jan from both my accounts they kept ignoring all my requests. And on 26 Jan they made bad deal and blown both by accounts. When I contacted them they said they will give 60% compensation and recover both my accounts. Than the real struggle starts, I called them mailed them for the compensation. But for long time they didn't replied. After one month of wait they finally provided the compensation in as credit. Joel convinced me to recover my accounts. I told him my financial condition is not good I already lost my job due to covid and my husband was hospitalized too. He need expensive injections for his treatment. They recovered my accounts in April, but whenever I asked for the withdrawal they said certain levels to be finished than only I would be able to get the withdrawal otherwise to get my withdrawal need to invest 500$ to each accounts. I dont have funds to deposit already in huge debts. One day Joel said he talked to his company and they are ready to give me withdrawal, but I need to invest 250$ to each account to get the 1500$ from each account. I deposited 500$ on 3rd May. Joel called me again to invest 200$ more to get the withdrawal. I deposited 200$ on 4th May and made a request of 1500$ from my both accounts. But Joel again called and manipulated again for more money and said I will get 4500$ withdrawal he said borrow money from someone and return once I get withdrawal of 4500$ from both accounts. I was in need of money badly so I trusted him again and made the deposit of 500$ on 6th May. And waited for withdrawal again. On 7th May got a call from Lewis Lucas and he asked for 1000$ as he make a profit of 15000$ so to get that money. I cried and begged them to give me my withdrawal ASAP. But they keep asking for money. Joel called and said he will help me and give me 15000$ just deposit 500$and get the withdrawal and once I receive the withdrawal deposit 500$ more and then the withdrawal of 15000$ from other account. I pleaded him and he showed me the withdrawal of 15000$ from my account too. I trusted them and deposited 500$ on 11th May. He assured me that will receive withdrawal money in 24hrs. I kept waiting for the withdrawal. Its been one month but not received my withdrawal yet. When I confronted them they asked for more money in the name of GST. I have all recording and other proofs to prove it.
I lost my money but I don't want it to happen to any other person. I would like to request all not to trust them at all. They are frauds. They will take your money.

I would request FPA to please let these cheaters not cheat other. Please help and aware clients from these type of fraudsters.
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