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West Coast, USA,
May 25, 2021,
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Above average but far from perfect

Service use: Other

Length of use: over 1 Year

Wow! Where do I begin with SwingFish. This was one of the first real communities I was ever apart of in my trading career. They were my friends and trading family. I'd say if you ever want a place that isn't spammed with advertising and serious discussion then this is the place to go.

Pros: Stands out compared to other communities
Don't have to worry about bot spams
Everything is structured professionally (but not consistent)
People are more than willing to help out

Cons: There is no real open discussion
There is a lot of speaking "absolutes"
They cherry pick rules and it is far from a "democracy" in fact a famous saying in the group is "this is not a democracy!"

The community as a whole is more a cult of personality and it is flooded now with people who just want to get funded with the prop. The dynamics have changed a lot since I first joined back in 2018. Understand that you are not a guest, it's more of a "privilege" to be in the community. The man himself Mario is not very open to things and is very set in his ways. Don't be afraid to speak in there, especially in voice chat but understand you will be shut down if they here something "inconsistent" to their world view.

I won't go over all the members, but those at the top with "first mate" and such, they are not very active and are extremely judging and obsessed with virtue signalling to their cult of personality leader. This does leak into the server, and often times there are members causing issues and they aren't quick to solve it. So sometimes undesirables will fester for a while in the community and that should be dealt with quicker.

SwingFish currently strives for perfection but it causes a lot of inconsistencies and "exceptions" everywhere, both have been in my favor and not in my favor. It's more of a fraternity and a cult of personality (I cannot stress this enough). That is the atmosphere now. It could of been something better, but we are all traders for a reason. We don't exactly enjoy working with other people. So personalities will always clash.

I will say though to wrap up this review... This is still the best community to join as far as other groups. Most communities are aimless in trading, this community has aims. Trust me, it will continue to grow and prosper, but only if it's consistent. Although not clearly outlined the energy is clearly there and I always liked that with Captain Mario at the wheel. This is why I give this community 4 stars instead of 3, as it is not average!
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