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Review for FreshForex.com

Not to Mention, Pakistan,
Jul 9, 2021,
Registered user

They fool people with demo account by calling it credit bonus

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Hi, All. I am A. Kayani. I came here to tell you all, how they fool the people regarding bonus.

So it was the day. I decided to test them. Signed in got fake $2021 bonus actually it was demo account. I traded and lost approx $1200. I was not serious at that time. Trapper are always very sharp. They emailed me and encouraged me. I appreciate Thier sympathy. It waa the first day. Thier mail made me think to bring them at Thier door. I started trading again seriously with balance $800. In next three or 4 days I earned $6500/-. They were wiselly send me another mail that I running out of time so I have to do the verification process to get my earned profit. I knew they what they will start. I uploaded my docs. I have online bank accounts internet wallets, payment API systems like stripe. Money services accounts. When I registered all above said companies I used the se documents. I only have one copy whenever any company asks for the verification I send the same saved docs. Never ever these Doc's were rejected. Even PayPal the giant didn't rejected my saved docs but freshforex is best of all. They told me how much corners I should have on my passport. Three times I send the docs. 6 files I uploaded. Every time they made an objection and rejected and asked me to send again and again.at last I send them fresh multiple copies of docs. They said send them the residents proof. I have already submitted my bank statement. One year till that day. They said it is expired.

Forgot to tell you all. Several times I talked to their agents live. Very efficiently they made and excuse passed that day. Next day started again same Tom and Jerry cartoon. Jerry running now Tom running.well I xomplomy task. 7 days passed. They reset my account to 0 balance.

Ok that's fine. I said them good bye. The same day when they reaet my account. They sent me an email that my verification is completed so now I can deposit money and I can get 100 with 100 bonus. Keep in mind I didn't send anything new. All Doc's were rejected already. All of sudden they accepted the same docs and approved me.

This is what happened to me. Each and every word is true to the best of my knowledge.

I told you about credit bonus offer. I never dealt with them for deposit withdrawal or for normal account so I have no opinion about them. Credit bonus. I have gone through what I told you exact. Have great time all. Happy Trading.

If I am wrong. I challenge them. Give the bonus to me again but first they do the process of verification then what I earn I will pay equal. I will follow the same trade quantity total profit/5 = lots.

If they are real giveeine and take it what is theirs.

Thanks and best regards.

Review for CabanaCapitals.com

Not to Mention, Pakistan,
Jul 6, 2021,
Registered user

Honesty in making opinion of others. Lies to prove someone lesser.?

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Hi everyone, I don't give my views but the guy talking about UAE and scam and stuff forced me to speak reallity Aww, A person like all others. I had great doubts about this company and about many other companies because it was about money. . I talked to the representative. He talked to me about the company like he owns the company. A very devoted guy. Two and half year I worked with Cabana with many doubts. After passing every step. Sometimes about trade, spread, account types. Deposits, Withdrawal. Their server glitches. They passed every test. When it came to deposit they heard me even it was mid night. When it was withdrawal they heard me and made it possible as fast as it could be. Two times I lost money due to their server. They compensate the whole lost money. No one else compensate how fast and accurate how they did. Thier accounts manager are well qualified and know Thier job. I am not a person who gets satisfied easily. They always made me think that they are real business and value their customers. I always complaining them that the online chat of your website is totally opposite from your company. This is the only fault I have seen in their business. They are excellent but online web chat is extremely duff. I am 100% satisfied with Thier business. I haven't earned much from them though but it's my luck. They supported my in every aspect of trading and dealing. Best regards to Cabana Capitals and viewers.