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Belem, Brazil,
Aug 29, 2021,
Registered user

Looked interesting at first, until doing a more thorough research

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

So first things to "ring a bell" that something was off is that, on their Instagram page, you'd see a lot of complaints on pretty much every post they did. Plus there was this post offering a reward for leaving a review on their FB page. I mean, it didn't explicitly say "rate us 5 stars" or something like that, but the wording of it... I don't know, I'm just pretty certain that an honest 2 or 3 star review would guarantee nothing in return. Certainly a major red flag.
Another major red flag for me is "extremes" at Trustpilot, i.e. reviews always too good or too bad... This is in my opinion a hallmark sign of companies offering incentives to convince people to leave them a great review in exchange for something and/or people who work at the company creating multiple profiles and giving them fake 5 star reviews - and I said this 'cause that's simply what I saw there, either the company was fantastic or you'd see these countless 1 star reviews accusing them of being a scam and so on.
Then, their website is just... shady. What assets do they offer? What platform do you trade on? And so many other things that you'd certainly expect to find out on a broker's website are simply non-existent in theirs.
Finally you see how many countries they are not allowed to operate. Never seen a broker prohibited in so many countries, that was really impressive - and yet, Brazil didn't figure within that list, plus they even accept deposits in BRL (Brazilian Real)! That sounded great, right?
Well... Not really: as rightly pointed out by FPA great team, the Brazilian Regulatory Authority (CVM - Comissão de Valores Mobiliários) did indeed issued an alert (Ato Declaratório 17.942) and determined, effective immediately, that this company should cease doing any Forex investment offerings in Brazil, either directly or indirectly, and failure to do so would result in a DAILY penalty of R$ 1.000,00 (yeah, too little - only USD200 give or take... but still, the agency went beyond just issuing the Stop Order).
Last but not least, CVM has asked anyone approached or offered to invest/trade in this company in any way to get in touch immediately in order to enable them to act faster. Since this only applies to Brazilians, I'll just write down below precisely what the agency said and, if any fellow Brazilian sees this, please do your bit as well since they not only continue to unlawfully attract Brazilian investors, but they even offer BRL deposits, thus making them even more attractive to non-informed or inexperienced traders/investors.
"Caso seja investidor ou receba proposta de investimento por parte da empresa, entre em contato com a CVM por meio do Serviço de Atendimento ao Cidadão (SAC). Informe o máximo de detalhes possível sobre a oferta e a identificação das pessoas envolvidas. Com isso, a Autarquia poderá atuar de maneira mais rápida e direta no caso."
P.s.: FPA's link for some reason didn't go directly to the agency's alert/suspension order, but instead it just open the page with all news (in other words, anyone not fluent in Portuguese would have a hard time finding the specifics in this case). Actually, the link probably was right back in July first, but then changed, so here's the updated link (and it's a link to the complete news report, so it shouldn't change/go offline as they keep stored for several years, even decades):

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Belem, Brazil,
Aug 5, 2021,
Registered user

Great, honest and straightforward company

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

To begin with, their website is well designed, nice-looking and very informative, whilst at the same time keeping it to the point and not overloading you with information. Moreover, in their home page you already get to see how their terminal looks like, what it offers, and so on. Finally, they prove their trustworthiness and their objective of retaining clients solely on the basis and merit of their service by offering everyone, without any preconditions whatsoever, ONE 14-DAY FREE TRIAL.
In other words, you get for free what would otherwise cost you about 45USD (14 days divided by 30-day standard month -> the result multiplied by their standard monthly subscription of 97USD -> 45USD).
Regarding the terminal, I also found it great as it offers a lot more than "breaking news". It's really well structured, and also offers a series of instructional videos on how to best employ the great resources you have at hand.
Lastly, yet again I found them honest, reliable and trustworthy in one issue, partly caused by me and partly by their automated system, which made it look like I was trying to get a 2nd free trial (definitely not at all the case). I sent them a long email, proving unequivocally that such a thing was not the case and in fact that I had never been in a situation even remotely resembling anything like that. I was even offended, but then they answered me incredibly fast, explained to me why the system came to such erroneously conclusion, apologized and then they promptly gave me a new free trial (as it was no longer possible to restart the flagged trial), so that in effect I ended up having a couple of days longer in my trial.
Finally, they're just great not only for all of that but also considering the amount of free content they're willing to offer - either through their newsletter, their twitter or even straight out of their website (just click "Analysis" on top right corner, and you have great weekly analysis).
Ultimately I thanked them a lot but did not subscribe due to personal health issues and because I'd need to study considerably more in order to take full advantage of their services, since my fundamental analysis - or rather fundamental trading skill - is very limited. That being said, I certainly plan to fully subscribe to their service once that proves feasible considering my personal circumstances.
Good luck to everyone and, if you heavily dislike technical analysis (i.e. the opposite of me lol), then I suggest you give them a trial, as it will cost you nothing and, in fact, for those of you that read the latest Market Wizards books ("Unknown Market Wizards"), you'll probably recall one of the very successful profiled in the book - a guy living in London if I recall it correctly, who always struggled with Technical Analysis until learning and basing his trades solely on Fundamental Analysis - that was it for him, that was his thing and what made him great.
Final note: their services are useful, in my own opinion, regardless of whether you consider yourself a technical analysis based trader or a fundamental analysis based trader - it is a well known fact that it is possible to combine both analysis according to each one's profile, e.g.: if you trade based on price action/chart analysis, you can use their info to get a general sense of how price action might behave and, most importantly, if you stay tuned to their squawk, then you'll definitely understand immediately unexpected price action moves.
So once again good luck and happy trading to everyone!