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BC, Canada,
Aug 27, 2021,
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My Opinion On the Bonus and Good Reviews VS Bad Reviews

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

For the most part I go with regulated brokers and some unregulated brokers are legit. You juts gotta be careful who you go with. After reading reviews and seeing the negative ones, I agree with LQD FX replied and that they are being legit and accountable to the cry babies who do not read what the rules are or understand.

I like the reviews, I have an EA that is good with this as the ECN only charges a $7 commission per lot, and no swap fees and low spreads. Really ideal.

For those whining about the bonus. I agree with it so much. All those brokers that give you. bonus or credit, that is fake all they are doing is giving you the allusion you have more money than you have. So if You deposited $500, and would trade same .05 of a lot per trade. You might as well deposit $500 and take .10 of a lot. It is no different than seeing $1000 account balance and $500 of it is fake.

Another way to look at it is if you have 500:1 leverage, you might as well trade with 1000:1 leverage as the other $500 is fake.

So the fact they hold you bonus back and make you earn it for real to give it to you, is exactly the right thing a good broker does. Don't be fooled by magic tricks. LQD FX is not pulling any tricks by how they grant you your bonus based on actual volume traded.