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Malang, Indonesia,
Oct 22, 2021,
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My trading Issue

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Hallo Eightcap,
My trading account is 410278, I was trading at your company on 16th Oct 2021 from 16.59.57 server time till 17th Oct 2021 09:49:14 server time, which is a total of almost 10 hours of trading.I have made 359 trades in total, 23 of them are loss and 336 of them are profit. So, my total loss is 6.4% from my total trades.
On 18 th August, I received an email from your company that you will reverse my total profit of $72,085.42 , which you did remove from my 1 day trading.
I'm not happy with your explanation. how that could happen, your company got wrong pricing for many hours without anyone from your dealing room notice about this.IF you can do this, it means your company is not credible, you just use this excuse in the future to cancel clients profit. I don't even know and am able to verify which one of your clients that loss trades this pair and you cancel those losses as well.
As we know on this business client profit = brokers loss. If this is happening, it means your broker is not a reputable broker. I wont recommend everyone to trade with your broker.
Please respond to this message. as I am not happy with your company cancelling my profit. I want my profit to be re-instate
Reply by margarita.tzerova submitted Oct 28, 2021:
We take all feedback very seriously. We have looked into this for you. As an ethical broker, we must maintain price integrity, and not allow clients to be affected - or take advantage of - quotes that do not reflect fair market price. If we find a palpable error in pricing, trades made on that price are void in fairness to all clients, whether running a profit or loss; it is not a call we make lightly, and thankfully is very rare. If you need more information about this please contact our Client Support team via email, phone, or live chat and we will be more than happy to explain further. Also, we strongly urge you not to share your login details on a public website, as this could be a security risk.