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Picton, ON, Canada,
Dec 27, 2021,
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So how do you know if you have a good broker?
First of all, you should have a broker that verifiably does NOT trade against you which immediately introduces a conflict of interest. This is Global Prime. Other brokers will tell you that "it isn't personal" but think about it for a minute. How can it not be? You win and they lose. What is the odds they are looking out for your best interests?
Secondly, you look at the instruments you trade. With global prime, you can control volatility in some of the more volatile instruments like the NQ or Oil but be able to use very small positions. Most other brokers don't allow this. You might think they are doing you a favor but they are not.
Leverage is another area. Everyone knows that large leverage is not good. You can choose your leverage up to 1:200. Any broker allowing you leverage over this is trading against you. No Liquidity provider will give liquidity past this point. This is a fact. Although they cannot control how you trade you will find that you can usually get in or out of positions relatively efficiently depending on your connection and internet speed. Sometimes there is a little slippage but that is in fast-moving markets which happens.
Lastly, the customer support is very good. They answer all questions promptly and in detail. They have always been helpful and courteous. I have been trading for many years and you will be hard-pressed to find a more honorable broker.
Trust me I know. I generally don't post anything about brokerages but these guys deserve it.
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