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Nigeria, Nigeria,
Mar 14, 2022,
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They are all about your subscription

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

All this company cares about is your subscription. Despite low leverage they offer(1:3), which allows a max lot size of 0.50 on $25,000 account and 1.0 on $50,000 account, this company reduced my leverage to 0.20 on Friday and the 0.15 today.

All this immediately after I made my first withdrawal on Friday. And their support wrote me some generic email that didnt justify nothing. They're not honest in my opinion. They make conditions tighter and tighter so you dont meet your 5% and then you have to pay another monthly subscription.

What I don't get is that; if you collect a 50/50 split, why not make conditions hard for traders, if anything you should strive to make it easier for traders so you make more money...

Beats me...

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