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Washington dc, USA,
Apr 27, 2022,
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Length of use: 6-12 Months

I was scammed by Turnkey Forex. I opened an account with this scam broker and through my trading experience i built up my equity to over $400,000 and they refused to payout my funds. They are not registered to accept clients from the US and most of europe but continue to do so and don't even have a bank account for their company because banks refuse to do business with them. They only take cryptocurrency deposits which makes it easy for them to steal from their customers and that is what they've been up to. I will be escalating this case and will get the US authorities involved. Do not take this review lightly. I will post all proof of this theft on forex peace army for those who want to know the facts behind this.

Apr 23, 2019 - 1 Star I had an earlier case against scam broker Turnkey Forex.

This scam broker still owes me $100k in profits and have no intention of paying. During one of my several calls to their upper management, they pretty much admitted to me that they are running a scam. They are run by an organized crime family with links to other scam brokers like finpro. They are not even a bucket shop, they are far worse. My case has been referred to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies both in the US and UK. My mission now is to have them shut down for good as they have no intention of stopping and intend to continue stealing from hard working people. I was shocked by the blatant disrespect and contempt when i heard the man in charge cheekily admit to me on the phone that my suspicions about them were true. It's time the FPA community banish this scam broker into the wilderness where it belongs.

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I am here to warn others to stay away from Turnkey Forex. They are a SCAM broker. Are not regulated by any governing body and you will be put through hell to get a withdrawal. They currently have a ton of my money they are refusing to process for withdrawal. They are asking for some ridiculous documents that they never asked for when i was opening and funding my account. Some of these insane requests include 'A letter from your employer confirming that you are not prohibited to carry out trading activity in forex trading,' which is laughable if it wasn't so infuriating. They are asking for things that even regulated companies won't ask for. We are all too familiar with these tactics by scam companies to steal from their clients. If a legitimate company asks for a document to open an account, those same documents are good enough to withdraw your funds, but not with these crooks. They gladly took my money but are now putting a wall for me to get it back. Before i start going through all legal routes if necessary, i'm here to warn others and hold this scam broker accountable by warning people about them and bringing them to justice in the forex community.

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Reply by TurnkeyForex submitted May 2, 2022:
Dear Rhukev,

We have replied to your post on the thread created by you, and readers can refer to the conversation there. We are also posting our response here:-

We deeply regret and condemn this sabotage attempt from you. You are acting as an agent of another broker and this is your third attempt in the last 4 years, to just malign our image by spinning false stories.

We will provide the readers here full facts and put an end to your futile attempts.

We have been in the business from past 6 years, and we have always completed all client withdrawals on time. Thousands of traders from all over the world have vouched (including here on FPA) that they have made and withdrawn huge profits using our trading platform.

In 2018, we had once put a temporary hold on your withdrawal, because our LP (with whom we had stopped working since this incident and have never faced such issues since then) had attached a ‘compliance review’ on some of your trades. We communicated all the facts with full transparency to you, asked a few questions and immediately processed the withdrawal of your initial Deposit money (USD $131,283). In another 2 weeks, your entire withdrawal amount of $409,758 (Deposits + Profits) was processed by us.

In the mean time, you not only misbehaved with our staff but also opened an FPA compliant thread (full of lies and manipulated facts) stating that we are a Scam broker. We told you we were concerned that our reputation was being wrongly tarnished by you. Thereafter, you confirmed on your FPA complaint thread that YOU HAVE RECEIVED your full amount (Deposit + Profits). [Refer link: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/resolved-scammed-by-turnkey-forex.57929/post-329624]

However, you sensed that since we got concerned about our online reputation, you can use this peculiar situation as an opportunity to extort some money from us. After 4 months passed, you opened another FPA compliant thread, claiming you did not receive your money, refuting your own earlier confirmation of having received the entire amount. [Refer link: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/abandoned-scammed-by-turnkey-forex-part-2.59965/]

You received multiple questions from fellow community members as well as FPA COURT asking why you earlier mentioned that you received all your money and to provide evidence to support your accusations. NO RESPONSE came from you for 1 YEAR.

On 30th June, 2020- The FPA court said “ Those who start threads are responsible for maintaining them. In this case, the OP ignored several questions by senior members as well as an FPA invitation to return to the thread. This thread is now marked as ABANDONED and will be moved to the Resolved Issues folder.”

Now, after 2 years, you have again started this (your 3rd complaint) thread, in a bid to blackmail us again with threat to damage our reputation.

We would also like to humbly invite the esteemed FPA court to investigate this user’s previous activities, as summarized above. We, the brokers are an as important member of this forum, as are the Traders. We have full faith in the justice system of the FPA Court and its unbiased investigation.

Such irresponsible, malafide, and misleading users should be permanently banned from FPA, as a lesson against the ill acts of extortion and manipulation.

TurnkeyForex Team