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Ottawa, Canada,
Jun 2, 2022,
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False Advertising - Unprofessional Business

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I signed up with this gong show after not doing proper research...and unfortunately, didn't watch the whole video on the main page. This program teaches one to trade without using stops!! Also, Michael Storm quit. Despite everything on the the homepage referring to Michael Storm, the site is now being run by his apprentice who has maybe 6 years experience and no formal education in trading. Wow, same here! For this system, you MUST use MT4 and specific indicators because he teaches one of Michael's strategies. No thank you, I want to learn how to trade rather than..."if the blue line crosses the red, and the dots all line up, SELL!!!"
I asked Michael Storm (who was hanging around the chatroom for some reason) for a refund within minutes of signing up, which led to a fall out with Alex, who I would learn is the new owner. Everything on the homepage claims that Michael Storm is the mentor, not Alex. You have to poke around the site to find the part that states Michael no longer teaches. However, after learning that Michael's "system" doesn't use stop losses, I think it's right that he takes a step back from teaching and even enrols himself in another forex program as a student.
In any case, Michael told me he had messaged Alex to ask him to refund me. Apparently Alex was pissed off that Michael had overstepped his boundaries and he wanted me to come to him directly (and beg?). He didn't tell me this at the time however, it came out hours later after I had to file a PayPal dispute. Alex knew I wanted to get refunded, because Michael is the one that told him, and I emailed him and showed him a screenshot of Michael and my chat.
What did I learn at TTM? Michael doesn't use stops, Michael quit, and Alex is a delicate snowflake with little trading experience that gets offended by anything at all. He proceeded to email me several messages stating that I would never "make it" as a trader essentially because Michael Storm IS FOREX and has the only Forex strategy that works. That's very telling.
Reply by thefxmentor submitted Jun 22, 2022:
I'm sorry if you feel like we were unfair. You were a 100% red flag scam alert (subscribing, then immediately filing a complaint with our payment services provider without warning and getting access to our materials in the process). I don't know about snowflake, but reacting as immaturely as you did (using a childish rant as an anonymous attack) after being asked to bugger off seems like the very definition of the word. In any case, good luck with your search.