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New Zealand,
May 22, 2018,
Registered user

Avoid You have been warned.

Very suspicious cold call from them - lots of background noise. They were vague about how they got my name, phone & email (probably another boiler room scam), their email said "InstaFX24 has been one of the leading Forex Trading Firms for the past 5 years." but the domain has been around for much less than a year, and hiding behind (i.e. they do not want anyone to know who really owns the domain). I was told they were regulated by FCA, but a search on shows nothing. The phone call came from Zurich, the company address seems to be in the Marshall Islands, the official phone number is in the UK - hmmm. As I asked more questions, I was put on hold, and then the phone line went dead. Nothing about them inspires confidence.

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Auckland, New Zealand,
Dec 18, 2016,
Registered user

I wouldn't trust VIX500

Hidden registration? Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu? Cancel any trade .. for any reason?
You have been warned.
Got a cold call from them (from a Malta-based number) after 22:30. Checking their web site(, registration hidden behind Domains By Proxy, LLC. T&C (, 'Vix500 is operated and owned by Blue Seal limited (referred in this agreement as "the Company" Ltd, Vanuatu House, 133 Santina Parade, Elluk, Port Vila)' and 'The company is entitle to cancel any trade, made outside of the automatic calculation for any reason it decides, no matter the or type of position.'

BTW I have been to Port Vila (and checked for malaria afterwards) - not what I'd call a recognised international commerce hub.

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, New Zealand,
Oct 28, 2015,
Registered user

Just had a cold call (well, someone's circulating my contact details around) from Elizabeth of TitanTrade. After listening to the opening spiel, I asked if they were regulated. I had to ask about 4 or 5 times before she addressed the question, and then said that they were regulated by, who provide the online platform. This didn't smell right to me, and I said that I was ending the call and to not ring me back. 10 minutes later she rang back and I told her again to not call me again and hung up. Anyway< I checked the spotoptions website. She had had lied to me - at the bottom of the homepage website it clearly states "Disclaimer: Spotoption is solely a technology company, which provides trading software to brokers in the online binary options/forex industry.
SpotOption is not a broker, and does not engage with the end-users of the brokers that license their software.
Therefore, all regulatory issues and activity concerning the broker is entirely under the responsibility of the broker, and in no way related to SpotOption.
Please note that I do not have confirmation that SpotOptions are involved with TitanTrade, but even they are, it seems irrelevant as far as regulation goes.