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Mar 23, 2021,
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Are they still out there? XcoinBrokers

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Xcoinbroker stole 24500USD from me. I used their platform one night a couple of years ago and it was so fake that I raked up 181 BTC when Bitcoin was $5000. They freaked out said I did not have right to trade on my account. Then I was on a practice account then Ok we will send you 9 bitcoin. Account was locked and never heard from them again. Used PayBack to try and retrieve my 24,500 but they disappeared then asked for a few more hundred dollars and never heard from them either. Same two guys Daniel Lloyd and James Brisco (name at that time). Never sent promised withdrawals. Cannot believe the regulatory agencies have not found these two. CYSEC was useless to deal with. So called Isreali government agencies were useless and I believe were just the same scammers coming around for a second Dip