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perth, Australia,
May 30, 2019,
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Joe is great, try this, its good, but you need to know most of the basics.

I havent paid a cent and im making good trades on my demo account. Im really impressed by these results. the 3x a week free webinars are almost all you need to know these guys are the real deal. No fluff talk about lambos ect. just hard education. There is a telegram chat for subscribers to the signals, and another one for general talk. its $39AUD a week, or $150/month, which i thought was pretty heavy. But im confident you can make much more per week than this.

In the webinars, I admit at my level its a lot of stuff i already know. But Joe helps put it together and helps stop trade paralysis. Plus after years of learning, it gets hard to know what to focus on, particularly support and resistance. Joe however helps bring it into focus, and its a lot easier to make a trade.
You cant watch these videos straight from beginner, however a few weeks on youtube and one can definitely keep up.
This is the only paid service i have ever liked for hard results. But yet offers free webinars, from which you can trade. Just know your money management.

My thanks to forex peace army for having all these reviews here. Its what tipped me off. Hopefully a profitable future ahead of me. will check back after awhile of testing.
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Reply by Forex101 submitted Nov 24, 2019:
Appreciate your review Trevwa! And as of the costs, we've actually lowered our membership service! :)

Glad to have you apart of our team here at Forex101

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perth, Australia,
Aug 16, 2016,
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ctrader platform, is it really any better than mt4?

I was using metatrader 4 as most new traders use and was finding it disappointing after a while. I couldnt set exact pip values without doing maths and figuring out what to do with the 5th digit in these terms was confusing. Also you had to reverse the formula to figure out how many pips you had traded in your history. Also i was with Go Markets. While they were a pleasent broker to deal with, and they gave me an open ended demo account to learn from, I was getting slammed by their larger pip spreads, delayed orders, and dodgy history in back tests. So i went looking around. I discovered pepperstone broker with the advanced cTrader platfor. After only a day of using this software i fell in geek love with it. It looks so much more modern as a start. The amount your trading is expressed in the actual amount that your trading ie $1000 instead of 0.01 lots of the currency your trading. Stoploss and Take profit can be easily setup with their one touch trading options. As in you set your values and its automatically put in without having to scratch your head and spend 5 minutes doing a single trade manually in Mt4. These values are also click and drag too. Colors of the charts are completely up to your customization. The platform supports both a light and dark mode, which can mix things up a bit. I had only one problem in that im color blind and had a small bit of difficulty reading the red and green profit/loss figures in the trading window. But other than that its a great step up from mt4. This software may have trading robots built for it but i havent found them. This is a platform for more serious traders and day trading techniques. Thus automatic trading robots should be saved for Mt4. I give pepperstone a 4 star rating as they have great spreads but havent had a chance to speak to customer service yet. Im sure that being an Australian broker they will be awesome. The platform also gets 4 stars losing a point for the non colorblind colors. But if your color vision is good then you will really love this platform. I am definetly going to do better with trading now.