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Oct 3, 2016,
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I am not sure about the authenticity of the other Tradematic 5*reviews on FPA, but as far as I am concerned this site is most definitely a scam and the owner is a snake oil salesman who preys on gullible forex traders. There is no way the trading results on his site are his own results, I asked to prove them by either a Myfxbook statement or his own blanked out brokerage statement but he refused. Please don't believe a work that comes out of his mouth, as if you fall for his slick sales pitch it will be to late as there is not a chance you will ever see your 500 euros again, as there in no refund policy, Please Beware...
Reply by tradematicsystems submitted Oct 4, 2016:
This I would like to inform that there is a serious reason to believe that “mr. scouseman” had a money back plan before purchasing this educational course. The very purchase of the course was made to defraud the seller and return the money immediately after the payment, using payment processing company’s loyalty to buyers.

In more detail.
My course consists of three parts and contains 6 hours worth of video and more than 110 pages of text and graphic information in PDF format. The buyer sent me an email asking for a refund in about 5-10 minutes after I sent him download link of the material. He wrote that he did not like this and he wants a refund. It is obvious that it is impossible to download the entire material and even briefly acquaint with it in such a short period of time.
Taking into account this fact we can conclude that the buyer, before even purchasing the product, already had the intention to ask for a refund and, as a result, to get this educational course for free. In other words he wanted to commit a fraud, deceiving both the seller and the payment processing company.
I asked him to at least look through the course materials before making any conclusions. In response, he wrote that he wants to work on the forex market and in this strategy training, there is a topic about volume analysis. However, it is not possible to obtain information on volume on the forex market. Yes, we have to take information about volume from futures market. This is professional approach to the market analysis and this is one of the differences between my trading strategy and others for trading forex. Volume analysis is in fact an integral part of market analysis and in my course I go through the ways in which ways to obtain information concerning volume as well as how to apply it on forex. This topic is discussed in great detail in my course. I explain thoroughly how said market works, its structure. This is key information, as it is this knowledge that helps the trader understand the processes occurring on the market. Certainly this topic needs some time in order to understand it fully. Given the importance of this topic, I show the students where exactly to find this information, how to correctly analyze it and how to make use of it when working.
Judging by the claims of the “mr.scouseman”, I can conclude that he didn’t even bother to take the time and examine the learning material, but rather, he quickly ran through the contents section of the course. In further letters from the “mr.scouseman” it was obvious that his main goal was not to learn anything, but just to get my strategy training for free, in this fraudulent manner. Obviously, this can be traced on the texts of his writings.
This trading strategy training - is the result of many years of my work and believe me, I know exactly whether a person is familiar with it or not.
I got specialised education in the area of trading at the Institute of Bankers and the Institute for Financial markets. My competence as a professional trader is recognized by one of the largest investment companies in the United States on a series of long and complex examinations.