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Ormond Beach, FL, USA,
Dec 31, 2019,
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Made a Lot of Sense

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I have traded for over 23 years in Stocks , options and commodities. About 6 years ago , I decided to trade Forex. It was tougher because normal oversold/overbought conditions and demand and supply conditions do not seem to be true with Forex. I knew there is a lot of manipulation of the market going on but I can not put my finger on it.

After I read good reviews here, I downloaded his free trial demo. I have tested a demo account for over 5 weeks and win rate is around 80% if you understand the strategy. I believe as you get more picky on the trades, the win rate can go higher!

His explanation of his strategy is right on. It gave me a complete picture and it made real sense.
His strategy is sound and should work in liquid markets including some commodities. I am very happy with the results that I bought his V-Power program. I am now trading live and I already won the first three trades. I know 2020 will be a good trading year for me!

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Jun 1, 2017,
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This program is the best out there. Not perfect but the best hands down.

Responding to Lavie, Qatar:
I do not know Steve but I have used this program. Set files and documentation (although it can use more info) are provided or are available from the forum. However,I have not relied on those files offered by other members. i have experimented with my own settings. I am not sure of your expectation. You want Steve to hand you all his settings? That is the beauty of this can customize it to your own style. Everyone is different .I am a risk taker. This is why I trade forex and commodities. If i want 100% safe , those instruments are called Certificate of deposits. Just because you bought the program, there is no excuse for not doing any optimization. I would rather have my own customization.

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Denver, USA,
Oct 5, 2016,
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I got scammed

Unfortunately I already signed up after I saw a review from a website called "2016 best forex signal service".( This website reviewer is a scam. I tried 3 of their 5 recommendations so far and I have not been happy,

Bottom line, I signed for their $4.99 trial. Did a quick backtest of their previous day's recommendations. Looks legit with a 70% win /loss ratio. So i decided to trade some of their 14 recommendation the next day using their daily recommendations. Randomly picked 3 of them. I noticed right away that the 3 forex pairs I picked were all going against the trend. Looks like that their trading algorithm is based on a trend reversal. Against my better judgement, I traded all 3. Big mistake. Two were outright losers (within a couple of hours ). The last one just did not move at all and traded on a range. Based on their website, an open trade at end of the day needs to be closed( according to their manual.) So, I did close it with a small lost. All in all a bad day...

This website makes outrageous claims on their website. Even posted a supposedly p/L of a trader who traded for 15 days one instrument they recommended. I took a picture of the P/L and enlarged it. Clearly a fake. Too many contradicting entries. Prices were all over the place for the same instrument with only a few days apart.

I was so pissed off at being taken by the scam I cancelled my trial subscription with two days remaining. These guys do not have a good system at all. Might as well flip a coin.