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Sep 1, 2018,
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ICT The Journey

There is a "cost" to trading. Time, Execution Costs, Capital Costs... but mainly a lot of TIME. Time you could be doing something more constructive perhaps, like a job where you make sure money or wages which find there way to your current account weekly.. Think carefully and prepare yourself for the journey.. trading is not for everyone.
This first paragraph is to remind me and anyone reading this review that many inspiring traders will fail, to become a full time trader, or part time for that fact. If your nature is never to give up and persevere, and you can forgive yourself for being stupid more times than you care to count... and during this process you do not run out of money and learn to stop repeating the same mistakes.. there s a chance if you find a good mentor you may make it into this coveted profession. There is a reason why 97% fail to find consistency in this profession..(Fear and Greed)
So why didn't I do a review before now... because its wasting my time... why am I doing one now? Im on holiday and I have gone over all the ICT material I wanted to look over again (model 5). Every time I watch a video again I glean another nugget of information I somehow missed in the first, second and even third place... so I have some free time to give away for nothing...
I don't mean to be harsh or condescending but many of the reviews I have read here on FPA good and bad in relation to Michael's ICT mentor-ship, many potential traders will end up on the side lines as mentioned on earlier paragraphs.. not because they did or didn't get the information supplied during the mentor-ship, but because the practical application of this information and concepts will not only take time and effort to LEARN, but a lot more TIME to practice and perfect in real time going forward on actual charts. (IE) applying concepts and methods around the type of trader you find that you are becoming.. anywhere from scalper to swing position trader.. or all or them..
The amount of information supplied by Michael during the mentor-ship, is absolutely huge both in time and content... Was it sold cheap? ABSOLUTELY!! I would not of put in the effort and time Michael has in this course, makes me think he is either foolish with his spare time, idiot (sorry Michael ) or he has Karma in play and he is genuinely giving back, making him one of the good guys. Personally I don't believe Michael is an idiot..
I have opened a small account to practice entries and take profits while applying various concepts methods recently. To be fair and transparent I was also testing a EA which I had to intervene before it blew out the account.
So a summary of history..
400 gbp ran some ICT concepts for 2 weeks, in which time I added 72.00 pound from winning trades taking the amount to 472.00. I also ran the EA over the same period and made a further 108.00 taking the account to 580.00. Not bad for 2 weeks, however something went wrong with the EA the following week, and put me into a draw down of 430.00 which I closed out to stop further damage to the small account. Now trading with 150.00, I decided to push myself to use only ICT concepts during the next 2 weeks actual trading (Day Trading) risk raised to 2% targeting either 3:1 or 4:1 dependent on resistance to open trade.. I did post a few of these trades on the forum on my journal (another day in paradise) before the move happened, as I wanted to show real time trades.. I'm now sitting at 280.00 which is not realistic growth on a large account but does show that the concepts work well. That said I will return to add to this post, which will be time related as and when I return original 400.00. Depending on my own discipline and ability to work through the concepts on a real time basis as I'm currently focusing on when not to trade and studying and learning much more every week, as I have set aside a year to practice on the ICT concepts and real trading.
And finally for real transparency, I do not know Michael personally, he has not induced me to write this and I don't care what anyone else on here thinks.. Im a member of his mentor-ship since Sep 2016, this is my review which at this point has wasted enough of my time.. I would say good luck and good trading, but it has nothing to do with luck, unless you know how to create consistent luck..