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Review for BeatMarketMakers.com

cyprus, Cyprus,
Feb 22, 2017,
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Tested this service from BMM, firstly the Latvian based trader is very friendly and supportive, always there for questions. Profits during my test was pretty OK i mean, with investment of $200 I made around 100$ in 2 weeks of service. This was during the time they offered centralized investment plan, now they offer robot and pamm services, but its all based on the same trading strategy.

Why I give 4 and not 5 stars? Well, its risky plan, due to mertingale but they maintain it pretty well so if they keep maintain it that well, it might end up be a good service. I do suggest keep monthly withdraw of profits as in any risky trading / investment.

overall, could be safe for very large investment sums and could be pretty aggressive (fast gain, high risk) for small investors, I bet many like this kind of investments.

Hope my review helpful!