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Mar 14, 2017,
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Has to be a SCAM

Withdrawal request part 3

Further to my guest reviews earlier, I contacted the support team on the web towards the end of last week. They advised my account was temporary blocked due to not receiving a DOD . This was sent Friday 10/3. Email received later that day stating they require my card details to satisfy the requirements. Due to be away from home, did not send as not due back later in the week. Logged in just now to check my account and despite every withdrawal request and comments on the support ticket of please release my funds, I do not want to trade, the account had 2 further trades that have left my account empty. All trades since my request in Feb have been unauthorised Any people who read this, STAY AWAY FRON THIS CONPANY, you will never see your money again.

I haVe screenshots even attached to withdrawal requests by email confirming no trades, confirming the balance and asking for NO FURTHER TRADES. All go ignored. This company should be shown as a SCAM. Please help others be informed of this snake if a company, a complete disgrace


Feb 25, 2017 - 1 Star Further to my post on the 17th Feb, no funds were forthcoming so I asked for another withdrawal on the 23rd Feb at 09:51 with an email confirmation stating ,,,

We have received your credit card request to withdraw funds from your account.

Account: 591****
Amount: 2500 USD
Reason: Comment:

Please contact your account manager or live support if you have any further questions.

Support: Live Chat
Phone: +44 203 7696122

When I logged back in to the system around lunch time 4 further trades had been placed all for 1 contract rather than when they were looking after me, the trades at most 0.05 was placed. Appears they are deliberately reducing my balance so it is below the amount I requested. All these bad trades have happened since my first withdraw request on the 13/02. I have a pdf to confirm these well as emails sent & received confirming the withdrawal request

I have now closed all trades, asked for a freeze on the account to protect the money that is left but to date the account has lost $691 this month in total but the last 5 trades are over $800 in deficit.,

I have also sent an email to the support team
"Looked at my account since my first withdrawal request 13/02/17 13:47 GMT for $2500. O have not authorised any trades.

16/02/2017 Trade placed for Google
16/02/2017 Trade placed on USDRUB#

today I placed another withdrawal request and within minutes, trades were placed

23/02/2017 USDJPY#
23/02/2017 GBPUSD#
23/02/2017 AUDUSD#
23/02/2017 BRNT-MAY 17

In total. these unauthorised trades have reduced my balance by $820.12

The email i sent you earlier confirms a pdf file that shows my balance and as mention I have not placed these trades. I find this practice totally unacceptable and something i would not expect from a reputable company/

Please reimburse these losses and place a freeze on the account and send my money back

I have pdf files of my Balance on the last request before the last 4 trades were placed which I sent to them too.
A support ticket was opened but within 24 hours the following email was received

"Our Support Rep has indicated that your ticket has been Resolved.

If you believe that the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email to automatically reopen the ticket.
If there is no response from you, we will assume that the ticket has been resolved and the ticket will be automatically closed after 48 hours.

StoxMarketSupport Team***"

I have logged back into the ticket to keep it activated asking and further commentary of "Ticket:***

We will notify your account manager of this inquiry to look into it further. You will be contacted as soon as possible."

He has not replied to previous emails so I don't hold much hope on this.

Feb 17, 2017 - 1 Star Joined in November 2016, decided to withdraw funds but as my account was managed, could not withdraw as they had entered into a 30 day contract with a trader, to be fair he did make a small profit. Earlier this month, I asked for a withdraw again on the full account balance as the funds are needed, over $3500, this was last week, On Monday, had a phone call attempting me to trade, I advised I required the funds and politely thanked them, the caller advised they can close the trades at their end and the money would be forthcoming. On checking my account on Wednesday, no trades closed so I emailed my accounr manager Isaac Christopher Broad asking for an update, this email was timed at 13:51 GMT after I looked into my account. Still no news today 17/02 20:00 so I looked again. Mysteriously 2 trades were placed yesterday and both losing. My balance has reduced by $195 today as I closed one trade to stop further losses and the other market is now closed so will not be able to do anything until Sunday night/Monday morning,

I have sent a further email to Isaac advising of this, see if I get a reply,