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Review for RumeliaCapital.com

Aug 4, 2017,
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Scammed by Rumelia Capital

I thought I was making a good decision. It has turned into a nightmare.

To make a long story shorter, I invested with Rumelia Capital. I looked for reviews online but there was nothing. I thought they were based in New York. At least that is where the Account manager was calling from.

Just a small amount of money, $500, at first. The account manager showed me how quickly I could make a profit. Then he calls and tells me about a contract that he had for $10,000. He said that would double in a month. So I fell for it. And he was not wrong. The contract was very profitable and I was able to get my return on investment. They processed the withdrawal very quickly.

So, being the fool that I am, I invested even more money with him. He said the company would match with a bonus. All I had to do was make trades. So I signed the contract and invested $250,000 with him. Yes, I know now how stupid I was. Anyway, we are doing great for three months, all of a sudden, the account manager has disappeared. I email and call. Typically he is very responsive. Two weeks goes by and no word. I call the company and get this woman who keeps giving me the run-around. Week 3, she tells me he has been promoted so he is no longer my account manager. I ask her to get someone to call me. No one calls. I email the compliance and support departments. Silence. The website is still up so I figure they haven't disappeared entirely.

I have hired a forex attorney with the last of my funds. At first, he got about $4500 out of them. Then more silence. I have argued that they breached the contract therefore they must return my funds. And the beat goes on.

I have since found out that there are no more account managers there at all. Clients are required to make their own trades. Blah, blah, blah.

I have reached out to the Financial Supervisory Commission in Bulgaria, where apparently the main office called the Melnic Group Inc. is located. I have also reached out to a banks in Hong Kong and Poland where my wires were traced to. I am so frustrated that I don't know what else to do.