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Aug 2, 2017,
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i have been called by with the message that i could earn money with this broker. first i was not convinced. i only had to deposit 200 dollar and then the profit could be made.
the personal account manager, is jack hartman, and the secreterin is julia greyson, she is from support.

i opened an account and deposit 200 dollar. and indeed they started to make trades. but not much further they asked for more money to make more and more profit.

they decided to withdraw me an amount of 175 dollar to make sure all the information was correct and i really get the money back. and indeed that happened, but after all that was only to made me believe that they were honest people and that i should decide to deposit more and more.

but after a while i wanted a withdrawal and then every time they had a different excuse that it could not be done, because of any reason they could make up.

many withdrawals i made, but i never get any amount back in my account.

i made screenshots of all the transactions i have made, even on midasglobe as the one on metatrade with the balance, equity and free margin.

they made withdrawal on 4th of july, but that money never came to me, they want me to sent 10 k and then i become that withdrawal .

on july 18th i get the following message from julia greyson:
hello dear roos, on 31.07.2017 all money from your account will be transferred to charity organization you can choose: wwf, serving our world or maybe some other.

i sent back sent it to foundation cat, with a banknumber, but still nothing happened.