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Review for RisecapFx.com

Kolkata, India,
May 21, 2017,
Registered user

Started my trading carrier with several scam brokers, And only lost money due to spread manipulation and stop-loss hunting, When I came to risecap 7 months back, I immediately asked them for an institutional broker with low deposit & razor sharp spreads, I got few recommendations, But most of them had a minimum 10,000$ entry, Then I found risecap has a institutional partnership with Lmax and joined at only 2000$ deposit, From then I have enjoyed tight spreads, Good customer service and monthly rebates. There are very few I.B's from india that are tied with lmax, And I am happy to find only within my city. The most important thing about risecap is their screening procedure of selecting partnered brokers having a good background and proper payouts. I get my rebates in INR instead of USD which additionally saves me some bucks ! Only bad thing is that live chat is mostly down & I get response through emails.