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Review for MidasGlobe.com

Santarem, Portugal,
Jun 10, 2017,
Registered user

Midasglobe broker is a scam

My story with the Midasglobe is short, but it has caused me many damages.
On April 21st, Jim Donegan contacted me, and I do not know where he got my number, because I registered on some sites but I do not remember registering at Midasgobe.com.

Jim managed to trick me into entering on Midasglobe to make money easily. I agreed, and I sent the first 200 dollars and Midasglobe added 100 dollars credit.

Jim did some trades and showed to me that it is possible to make lots of money in trading.

On April 24th, Jim called me and asked for more money to be deposited, I added another 300 dollars, I added, and I saw the account growing with few trades. Later, Jim again called me to add another 500 dollars, but I said that I wanted proofs and to make a withdrawal test to see if it’s possible to receive money without problems, I asked for a withdrawal of 100 dollars and I received 2 days later. I started believing them and added another 500 dollars.

I was encouraged by Jim to add another 500 dollars, and then another 500 dollars and then another 300 dollars. I asked for more proofs that I could raise more money, and Jim told me to withdraw 100 dollars, after 2 days I already had the 100 dollars in my banking account.

Jim made some trades and then stopped. Soon after, I discovered that my account did not grow to make more money. I sent an email to Jim and he did not answer.

I registered another trading account on the Midasglobe website with different email address. Few minutes later Jim called me thinking that, I was a new customer. I explained to Jim that the account was blocked and the account doesn’t grow to raise more money, Jim told me that the problem was with the financial department and that he was going to deal with the problem and that the next day I would be able to raise more money. 3 days later the problem continued.

Since I had never worked in trading (no experience in forex trading ) , I decided to try doing my trades by myself, I went wrong and in a few hours, I lost some of the money.

The next day Andrew called and told me that my account had lost money and that was not what the Midasglobe intended. He said that Jim was not a good trader and that he had blocked my account on purpose!

Andrew told me that if I chose him, he would unblock my account and send me some money.

Andrew said that just need to select option #2 to deposit funds, I added 500 dollars, and he should become my trader and account manager.

I deposited another $ 500 and shortly after that, a superior called Jack approached me and said that Andrew Belfort is a good trader but he is very expensive, so if I want him (Andrew Belfort) to be my account manager I must add another 300 dollars to my trading account. I asked if 100 dollars would be OK, since I did not have more money, and Andrew accepted.

Now Andrew says that the company changed the rules and made him more expensive. So, I must send the whole amount of 1000 dollars to him, he could become my account manager. Since I had recently sent 600 euros to the deposit option number 2, Andrew said that there were 400 Euros missing because he asked me to send 1000 Euros in full.

At this moment, I do not want to send any more money, because I have the certainty that they are crock gang and professional scammers with big capacity to influence people's minds and washing their brains. If you spend more than 5 minutes on the phone with them, then you will already be hooked and willing to send all your money to these scammers.

PLEASE GET AWAY FROM MIDASGLOBE AND ITS PERSONALS. They invent personal stories and other people's stories to dominate their heads.

Garciano Coelho
Account number with midasglobe 12102
PS: If they decide to pay my balance, I remove this text.