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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 31, 2017,
Registered user is a very bad Forex Broker who is good only at inviting traders to invest money but does not return the money of its investors.

Issue escalated to Traders Court renatogpascual1 vs | GUILTY
I have opened a Trading account with INHOUSETRADE.COM sometime in March 2017 with an initial deposit of $200. An account manager by the name of JAKE PARKER was assigned to me and he was very convincing and I kept on adding more investments due to his assurance that all our trades are covered by insurance and that in any trade loss the money will be refunded back to my account.

I got very much convinced because in the past 6 months of doing the trade, he lost only twice ($2,000 & $1,000). My account was refunded of $2,000 in one of those losses. Every time he calls me to do a trade, he would usually ask me to add more investment because he will advise that the minimum investment to qualify for insured trade need more money and he has to keep some money in my account to cover the risk.

By 18 July 2017, after sending him another $1,000, he traded on EUR/USD and invested $11,590 of my money and won the trade. That is why my account balance increased to USD22,442.50 as of today. On 30th July, I requested for partial withdrawal from my account amounting to $7,500 , $2,500 and $3,000 but all have been refused by the company. When I asked them thru email why my request for withdrawal was refused, the Support Group replied to me, saying that " I should contact my Account Manager, Mr. JAKE PARKER as he will be the one to approve my request.

When I communicated with Mr. Jake Parker, he said that he already sent a partial fund of $5,200 since July 24, 2017. Today, after 5 weeks, the guy has been giving me different alibis, saying that I have to follow up with my bank because he has done his part. I asked him to send me copy of the document as proof that the bank transmitted the money but he keeps on avoiding me. So, many messages I have sent almost everyday but he does not reply except few days back, saying "I am not playing with you."

To prove my story, I can send copies of my communicaton with him, the details of the trade history, the details of my deposits and my emails to the support group.

I hope FOREX PEACE ARMY can help me recover my money from INHOUSETRADE.COM