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Georgia, USA,
Dec 6, 2018,
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This is about the best experiences I have had with any Vendor. Mike provide great products, service and support. I am a very satisfy customer and will support any products he put out. Not to mention he has amazing write up about trading in general. A++ Keep it up!

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Dec 4, 2017,
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Slippage issue is massive!

I really don't want to have to leave a negative review because I have read very good reviews and I have liked everything about fxchoice so far. I recently switch from LMFX to test out fxchoice since there were so many good reviews. I deposit money via wire transfer and the money appeared in my account within 2 business days.

Everything was going good I had a trade open for USDCAD, my Stop loss was at 1.2845 but due to news event, I got stopped out at 1.28077. This is a 37 pips slippage!! Normally I wouldn't even complain if it was 1-2 pips but 37!! I sent support the email and screenshot and they explain that it was normal and that it was their liquidity provider etc etc. I can understand that but this is outrageous. I used LMFX and Oanda and never had an issue like this and almost zero to no slippage. Also I kept few trades over the weekend and it also blew past my SL with a 25 pips slippages.

This is bad, I understand that I could benefit from it as well but for the most part I rather not experience such high slippage.
Reply by George submitted Dec 13, 2017:
Dear Luckvviet,
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you have had a negative experience with your recent trades. One of your orders was indeed closed with slippage with the first price-ticks we received from our liquidity provider as we explained via our ticket system too. That occurred because of the release of the economic data for CAD on 2017.12.01 at 15:30 server time.
We do understand your frustration but, as we explained, if the market volatility is high because of economic news/data release, or at the beginning (or end) of a trading week, the orders cannot be processed at the determined prices. It could, however, as you have mentioned, work in your favour too.

We wish you best of luck in your future trading.

Kind regards,

The FXChoice Team