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Jan 30, 2018,
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Adamant finance still work and catching money from new victims. but for traders who sent money - MT4 platform dont work. When we ask about it. adamant Support answearing about it "Dear Customer!

Our experts are engaged in this issue.
As soon as they are finished, we will send you an email.
If in the result of these problems you incur any losses, the company Adamant Finance compensates them.

Yours faithfully,
Customer Service Department
Adamant Finance."

But its not true, Why adamant dont write about this problem on his web page. ? And it not possible to withdrawl money.But after try to do it you can see message.

Something went wrong!
Try to make a payment again! In case of repeated error, please contact the technical support department of a convenient way for you!
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Most likely Adamantfinance is realy SCAM
Reply by Adamant Finance submitted Mar 5, 2018:
Dear Customer!

If you have applied for withdrawal of funds, but for some reason did not receive them, then immediately contact support at