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Review for Forex-Signals.online

Surrey, United Kingdom,
Jan 23, 2020,
Registered user

Changed my life

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

The results for this product are amazing.
It has turned forex into an exciting journey and I wish that these products continue to be improved.

It is highly satisfactory and the work of genius!

Thankyou so much Fx Tech Group!

Review for BlueMindFX.net

uk, United Kingdom,
Nov 23, 2019,
Registered user

Bluemind FX a place of growing progress

Length of use: 0-3 Months

In the recent months Blue mind FX has made a series of improvements.
Firstly there is a much greater coverage of the major currency pairs now which didn't occur so much in the start.

Honest and transparent calculations of weekly pip gains are reported well.
A downside of the service was initially there was not much coverage of the popular currencies such as GBPUSD and EURUSD and the Dollar crosses, but that has changed as if late.

Another issue I came across was when after a trade was placed, sometimes seconds later a change would be made such as moving the stop loss or exiting the trade. Often for Gold this is the case. This makes following the signals difficult.

For the price you are sure to gain an amazing support service.
I wish and hope Blue mind FX continues to progress its service with better trades, less manipulation of trades a few seconds after they have been placed and so forth.
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Review for TradersAcademyClub.com

united kingdom, United Kingdom,
Aug 30, 2019,
Registered user

Changing to 5 star rating

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

Initially, we gave a 1-star rating because of 24 option, a broker that is rated 1 star and we had a bad experience with.

24 option, when deposited with 250 GBP, was antagonistic on the phone, and we received many calls, we thought traders academy club did not take care of us.

Recently traders academy club is helping us resolve the situation so we want to take back the 1 star and give them 5 stars now.

Thank you for helping the situation traders academy club,
We are sorry that we posted this 1 star rating so fast and are now giving you 5 stars.

Aug 28, 2019 - 1 Star We saw the trader's academy club and went for the broker option.
So we deposited $250 in the account with the broker they recommended, 24option.com

We then had bad experiences with the broker in communication
- We were called repeatedly and sometimes with different names, I had a bad feeling.
- We saw the 1-star reviews of 24 option

So we changed our mind and wanted to pay traders academy club the money instead.
When we came to withdrawing our money from 24 option they try to upset us by saying there would be an 80EUR Fee for withdrawing the money.

We wish we had just paid for the annual service of traders academy club to try them for 1 year but now we were given a bad experience by 24 option their associate we have been put off.

We do not recommend these services because of this.

Reply by Vladimir Ribakov submitted Aug 30, 2019 Hello,

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with a broker.

I do want to say that it would be fair if you judge my club but what we deliver and the value we give for our clients, NOT by your relationships with any broker.

It's not fair not for me and not for my team who always give the best for our clients.

But you have to understand - I am NOT the broker, and I am NOT responsible for their conditions or relations with their clients.

You got a fair offer to get a free access to the club instead of paying for it, and you took it. From this moment - your relations with the broker are YOUR relations with the broker. I am not their account manager or anything like that.

I highly recommend that for your future - before you sign with any broker - read CAREFULLY their conditions, their fees etc... It will save a lot of time.

If you still want to discover why we are the top club in the industry, you are more than welcome to join us with paid fees. You will see all the value we give to our members.

And if you have any personal questions, I am here for you - vladimir.ribakov@gmail.com
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Review for 24option.com

England, United Kingdom,
Aug 28, 2019,
Registered user

Extremely bad service very dissapointed

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

- I deposit $250 and changed my mind about them because of negative reviews
- When making a decision to get out they try to charge you and upset you
- Speak over you when your on the phone - give out your phone number to unknown callers
- They basically use the 80 EUR fee to get back at the customer in the phonecall
I have no trust for this company.

Very bad experience.

-The phonecalls were antagonistic and I just had a bad feeling about them.
-The account I had did not work. They were only interested in you putting more in
- The account was disabled and the person just didnt sound like they have your interests in mind.

But the account fees are massive. If your account is inactive for 1 month they will charge you 80-200 EUR as time goes on and increase up to 1000
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