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Charlotte, NC, USA,
Mar 27, 2018,
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New trading company that seems to be past it's rocky start

This is a fairly new trading company. Despite a rocky start over the last 1.5yrs, it's finally taking off. They have new management and trading structure. The training program and trading structure has been improved a lot in recent months.

Their goal is to train new or experienced forex traders in their Suppy/Demand trading methodology (like that taught by Sarid Harper). Payouts will start next month (April 2-18) for those that made a profit.

Like most trader training firms there are fees. Once you get over that and past the training you can begin by trading a $25k account that they give to you. You're paid $5 for every pip that you win (totaled at end of the month). You can upgrade to larger accounts and greater payouts, and if you make the account +10% for 3-4 months then you can become an analyst for the company and trade much larger accounts for the firm.

I've already made over 150 pips for this month, so looking forward to ending this month with my first paycheck.

[I'll try to update my review again in the future as I gain more experience with AdvantaFX]