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Review for XtraderFX.com

Wiltshire, United Kingdom,
Feb 1, 2019,
Registered user

XTraderFX moke and mirrors?

I started with small sum with Cryptopoint and an account manager was allocated to me. From April 9 to June 22 in 2018, I deposited c$13k and was told I had earned bonuses and some trades were 'insured', so when they turned out negative, my account was "credited" with bonus. Then a chap lied and said the manager was in hospital indefinitely.
Subsequently, I made a poor choice in trading WTI Crude and a new a/c manager offered to take the trade to his account and I should deposit $10k, which I did over a period of 2 months, so by Sep I had deposited $23k. I tried to withdraw $10k early October but was declined because of outstanding trades. I closed many of them and after protracted delays I received $2k.
Nov/Dec I made catastrophic "losses" trading GBP/NZD. But by then my thinking was the platform may merely be a demo account whilst the funds are used to pay the account managers and service the company's debts.
Unsurprisingly, a new account manager has been contacting me since Dec. No one has clarified how the bonus system really works, but I'm guessing they can be used for trading purposes but never have a realisable financial value.
Learn from my mistakes maybe. Stick to trading with someone like IG or maybe avoid the stress of seeking fast-tracked financial growth. I should have learnt by now, which makes me the fool.
Hope this helps someone. If it's you, let me know

Review for WestwoodOFE.com

Wiltshire, United Kingdom,
Nov 19, 2018,
Registered user

Westwood OFE scam

I submitted a review in October. My opinion was undecided at the time. Fortunately, I only deposited 250 Euros. What made me suspicious was their use of a "robot". It seemed to me they only used it when they planned to call me. I asked for the return of 200 Euros and after a few days delay, I received a call from "Don". He said the account could not operate with less than 250 Euros, what did I plan to do. I agreed that my account should be closed and the funds returned to me. You've guessed right. I cannot access the account with my login or password. No one returns voicemails from tel 020 3868 7944. And some 4 weeks after my request, no funds. This seems to me to reflect that Westwood OFE may be a scam operation, based in Bulgaria

Oct 17, 2018 - No Rating Currently, I am dealing with Matthew, an account manager. Very pleasant chap. My initial deposit is 250 Euros. Matthew initially contacted me because his company is aware of Markets Trading scamming millions from European customers.
I am leaving the funds to be traded by Matthew using the site's algorithm. Inital gains are very modest, but I am not getting heavy pressure to add deposits at the moment.
Matthew has also put me in touch with an affiliated pleasant Bulgarian lawyer, Anthony Cynic, who has offered to add my name to a list of clients subject to me bringing my account up to Silver level (i.e. 2500 Euros) with Westwood. Anthony understands I am not in a position to do this at the moment, and again no pressure is being applied.
Does anyone else have experience of dealing with Westwood OFE. I am aware they are not regulated by the FCA in the UK, but that does not deter me at the moment.

Review for Markets-Trading.com

Wiltshire, United Kingdom,
Sep 3, 2018,
Registered user

Markets-Trading.com behaving badly

Just read geoffrose review. Must endorse his concerns. I have emailed the company in excess of 30 times since 8 July 2018, requesting withdrawal so I can help out family member. No open trades. Occasionally, they reply stating account manager will be in touch and explain everything. They currently hold £8185 on my account. When unwitting clients like ourselves deposit they use a Chinese counterparty (bank) - their details came up on my credit card account as "Funnygoods centre" (seriously!!!). Their surcharge exceeded 7% on top of credit card's charge for conversion yuan to sterling.
They will incur a lot of unpleasant experiences because each of them is a person, not an automaton. Heard nowt from Vincent Zanetti since 22/06 this year. I've also queried the transactions with my credit card provider, but they won't dispute with Mastercard and state I can't contact Mastercard either.
How fair is that?

Aug 17, 2018 - 1 Star I opened an a/c 24/5/2018 with Markets-Trading following a telephone call from a Dutch man in London who advised me they would call me. A lady provided me with a security code for when they phoned and I made an initial deposit of £200. This was followed by a phone call from Vincent Zanetti, my 'account manager'. He encouraged a further deposit of £300 and he did some trades on my behalf which all failed. He did some further trades which improved the balance and said on 22/6/18 if I deposited a further £1000 he would match it. and open a Bitcoin contract. He also talked me thru a personal loan with Freedom Finance to raise £10000 to put into the account. When I saw the loan amount was £9800 and 9.9% apr, I cancelled the loan and said I'd make my own deposits. I subsequently deposited £3000 on 3/7 and £3000 on 4/7, highlighting that the £1000 had become £1078 including charges. Since 22/6 I have not heard from Vincent, and after approximately 40 emails requesting the return of my monies (£8185) I still have not received the funds. I have also contacted the credit card company and sought a chargeback. They say I cannot contact Mastercard, and have yet to respond to my claim. I have also contacted Action Fraud in the UK, completed their online claim and they also have not yet contacted me.