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Nov 13, 2018,
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dear all,
I have case against UFX i open it with GIAMBRONE LAWER OFFICE-LONDON and really after they send the letter of claim UFX call my for Settlement then i stop the case now they return to same problems and scam very bad managers, strategies and i make withdraw to 5000$ after 10 days they return bank to my UFX account based to my bank cant received more than 2500$ and this one of a lot lies. so now i will return to open my case against them any one want to join me whit this case please contact Mr. Walter Giancone <> and this is some point that UFX are a scam company :

Regulatory breaches pursuant to the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law 144(I)/2007 (Cyprus Law)
The Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law 144(I)/2007 regulates the provision of investment and other ancillary services and includes the supply of financial and/or other related services from within or outside the Republic of Cyprus aimed at persons who live within or outside the Republic of Cyprus and the functioning of Regulated Markets.
This law also constitutes the implementing legislation of the MiFiD Directive in the field of investment services.
Article 6(9) of Law 144(I)/2007 states that:
“A licensed Cyprus Investment Firms (“CIF”) is prohibited from conducting any other business, beyond the services or/and activities stated in its authorisation, except if –
 their exercise leads to or contributes to the achievement of the provision of all or some of the services or/and the performance of the activities, permitted by its authorisation; or
 it has received the Commission‟s permission, which is granted, at its absolute discretion, in exceptional circumstances”.
Article 28(1) of Law 144(I)2007 states that:
“A CIF must at all times comply with the conditions under which authorisation was granted as laid down in Part III – Conditions for granting a CIF Authorisation”.
It is alleged that your firm operates as an IF which provided services to our client which were not included in its authorisation (violation of section 6(9) as quoted above) and also did not comply with the conditions under which authorisation was granted (violation of section 28(1) as quoted above).
Regulatory breaches pursuant to section 20 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) – (English law)
Our client will also have an action for breach of statutory duty as Sections 19 and 20 of FSMA have the effect of engaging section 138D as you operated from (or purported to operate from) the UK.
Section 20 of the FSMA addresses "Authorised persons acting without permission" in the United Kingdom and section 20(3) provides that in prescribed cases such violation is actionable at the suit of a person who suffers loss as a result of the contravention.
The reference in Section 20(1)(b) to the persons whose permission result from any other provision of FSMA – as opposed to an authorisation granted by the FCA – is to be interpreted as applying to entities who have UK authorised status by way of a MiFID passport.
Reliantco Investments Ltd features in the Financial Services Register as an EEA authorised firm by virtue of the fact that Reliantco Investments Ltd passported its Cypriot authorised activities into the UK under Markets in Financial Services Directive (MiFID). The FCA's website specifies the licence number as 569242.

An action under Section 20 of FSMA will be based on the fact that your firm "carried on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom, or purports to do so, otherwise than in accordance with permission" (Section 20(1)).
Trading in binary options is a regulated instrument under Cyprus law and therefore, by virtue of the passporting rules and the fact that your company created an illusion of operating from the UK, these elements will be sufficient for the purpose of engaging Section 20 of FSMA.
Your firm carried on regulated activities in the UK insofar as part of its activity has been that of entering into financial instruments as principal and providing portfolio management and/or investment advice to UK based clients using (or purporting to use) a UK establishment with an UK telephone number.
We note in this regard that the FCA Register mentioned in relation to your firm that:
"This is a firm that is registered in another European Economic Area (EEA) country that can offer certain products or services in the UK. The firm must meet the minimum standards agreed across all EEA countries." (Our emphasis)
Your were offering only binary options so it is obvious that the reference to "can offer certain products or services in the UK" could only be interpreted as referring to the offering by your firm of binary options.
The FCA Perimeter Guidance (PERG 5.12.7) describes by reference to Section 418 of FSMA the following situations where a firm can be construed as having been carrying on business in the UK, despite it prima facie not doing so, namely:
 where a regulated activity is carried on by a person who is not based in the United Kingdom but is carried on from an establishment maintained by him in the United Kingdom;
 where an electronic commerce activity is carried on with or for a person in an EEA State from an establishment in the United Kingdom.
Regulatory breaches of section 138D of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) (English law)
In addition and/or in the alternative to misrepresentation and/or as an alternative to an action under Section 20 FSMA, our client is entitled to file a claim under section 138D of FSMA as there are multiple actionable claims resulting from breaches of Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) rules to the extent that you committed multiple violations of rules around best execution, appropriateness and suitability assessment. All such rules are part of the Conduct of Business sourcebook which is a part or FCA's Handbook.
Section 138D of the FSMA provides that a person who suffers a loss as a result of a breach of rule made by the FCA may bring an action for damages for those losses provided that certain conditions are met.

as my lawyer say if we are group and open one case we will be in a good situation so please any one want to open case with me contact me.